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Greetings everyone,

On March 8 at 8:57 PM EST there is a New Moon Total Solar Eclipse at 18 degrees 56 minutes Pisces.

The effects of eclipses can be felt within 7-90 days preceding the eclipse, and up to one year afterward. This is a total eclipse whose effects we may experience as stronger than those of a partial eclipse.

A solar eclipse in Pisces may impact spiritual matters, emotional matters, waters, fluids of the body, fluids of the earth, sexual matters, creativity and artistic matters, the veils between worlds are lifted and thinner, spirit and angelic activity is heightened, refugees come into focus, and grace, kindness, romance, art, magic, and religion are all topics that are top of mind now.

Pisces energies can also express as dreamy, careless, fuzzy, sleepy, and inattentive. Around the time of the eclipse, keep your senses sharp when driving, crossing the street, or even chopping foods. If you are prone to depression or melancholy, note that this can be a time of heightened emotional sensitivity. Check on friends and loved ones who may be going through a challenging time now.

Here are some suggestions for things you can do from now to enhance the positive effects of this eclipse and minimize potential negative effects.

1. Increase positive thought forms — Keep your space, mind, conversations, and focus on positive narratives rather than hopelessness or despair. Consider infusing your environment with a pleasant aroma, keep a light on, love generously, believe in your ability to create positive outcomes.

2. Take up a daily introspection practice — Think of designating 3-5 minutes a day to silence and quiet, or taking up a daily prayer or meditation practice.

3. Exercise mindfulness of substance intake — Bodily fluids and systems experience heightened sensitivity to drugs, alcohol, medicines, and even caffeine at this time. The body is easily stimulated, and so are the subtle bodies, and at this time substances have a stronger effect than normal.

4. Purge — This South Node eclipse indicates clearing, letting go, forgiving, releasing the past, releasing unhelpful beliefs and attitudes. This is a good time to organize the physical space as well as to cleanse the body and the mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

5. Feel your feelings — This is an open, porous emotional, sexual, and sensual eclipse. At this time, all of these areas are heightened and more accessible than usual. It is a good time for exploring any of these areas of life in a safe and conscious way.

Remember also that since this eclipse is like a supercharged new moon, any new beginnings at this time reverberate for some time to come.

This eclipse will be totally visible in Indonesia and the Pacific Ocean, and partially visible in Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Austrailia and Hawaii.

Wishing you a safe and lovely eclipse season 🙂

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NASA depiction of the path of the March 8 2016 eclipse.


References: Eclipses and You by Judith Hill



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