Mercury Direct and Venus in Capricorn — Rising From the Underworld Changed and With a Plan

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Bogoslof Island in Alaska. Photo by Vernon Byrd

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Mercury has gone direct as of 4:49 PM Eastern time, today, January 25th.

How is this for Cosmic Timing: Mercury goes direct during a day long void of course Moon in Leo, post Full Moon. We now have cosmic impetus to marinate even more deeply on some of the big lessons of this Mercury Retrograde, before integrating and implementing over the coming weeks.

This is what I am observing come through with this Mercury Retrograde/Direct cycle. There are many who:

* Know they have big decisions to make
* Are thinking about what is really important
* Are having important, impactful conversations
* Are changing external structures to reflect internal transformations
* Are contemplating the plan to put a deep life change into effect
* Are digging through ancient, stuck, crudgy beliefs to process, heal, and liberate themselves
* Are dealing with big institutions and bureaucracy
* Are dealing with issues of debt and wealth
* Are dealing with issues of self worth
* Are deepening into religion or spirituality
* Are processing deep emotional pain
* Are establishing / reinforcing standards in close relationships
* Are taking bold risks in the interest of change
* Are committing to changing the way they think or speak
* Are increasing awareness around thought and speech
* Are quietly exploring the subtle terrain of inner desire and change before making it visible to others
* Are dreaming big, cultivating true faith, and building architectural support for the dream

One of the best pieces of counsel I can offer at this time is two fold. First, whatever is coming up for you or has come up for you last week or this week — navigate yourself through it gently. No need for harsh self talk. Even if the reality is harsh, or you are tempted to judge yourself harshly, especially through the eyes of others, the higher path is gentleness and self compassion. Remember and know that this is a step on a longer path.

Second, mastermind. Seek the help of people who are a step or two (or 50, or 500) ahead of you. Share vulnerability in an intimate situation with a person who will support and affirm, and strategize with you. (Protip: There is power and magic in doing this, and doing it often).

Finally, create a plan. Mercury is now direct. What you need to know has already made itself apparent, or it will in the coming days. Create the environment you need to do your ideal thinking. Is that quiet? Is that with music? Is that in your bedroom? Is that talking with others? Is that in nature? Is it doing mundane housework? Is it doodling?

Whatever gets you into that space where information comes to you, where you do your best thinking, get yourself there. The time is ripe for inspiration!  And after inspiration comes elbow grease ;). Think of your end goal, and reverse engineer. Remember that you are not alone.

On another note, Venus has entered Capricorn. This puts the goddess of love, money, and art in the sign of the sea goat. Here she is an ardent and committed lover. Here she is a person who walks her talk. Here she is concerned with reputation, dignity, and respect. And here she is dutiful. Venus in earth sign Capricorn takes on the concerns of the material world. Venus here is concerned with physical property, the body, assets, banks accounts, and the organization and planning of all these matters. This is a loyal Venus, capable of embracing responsibility of managing finances, managing property, sculpting the body, building a relationship, contributing with substance to whatever is a priority. This is affection for Venus in Capricorn!

Love, money, and art now have a tone of reserve and air of aloofness about them, through February 16. And like Capricorn more generally, Venus in Capricorn often requires knowing the depth of commitment before opening up on a deeper level. Venus in Cap also grants greater attractive ability to the areas of life mentioned above.

Take good care out there!

With love and happy Mercury Direct,

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