Water, Giuseppe Arcimboldo, 1566
Water, Giuseppe Arcimboldo, 1566
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The New Moon in Scorpio happens on November 11, 2015 at 19 degrees 01 minutes at 12:47 PM EST. This is a soulful and sweet lunation that comes with a hefty dollop of awareness and a sturdy indication of the location of deep transformation.

Leading up to the new moon, the Sun and Moon applied a trine to Chiron. This is the sense of tenderness and woundedness around the emotions. There may be a desire to protect ourselves just as the Scorpion’s hard exoskeleton hides and protects the profound softness within. This is the feeling and awareness of bruised and vulnerable flesh and the need to keep that safe. There is either a healing process under way, or a sincere attempt to figure out what that process might look like. While that happens we may need to make sure to set up our environment so as not to re-open the wound as it is being dressed.

This sensitivity might have many roots, and they might be overlapping. It could be a betrayal, or a deep and abiding love that is associated with ache, or an opportunity to open the heart yet desiring not to go through the gauntlet of possibly causing damage to some of the most vulnerable parts of ourselves.

The facility associated with trines also brings easy flowing lessons at this time. There are softly stinging realizations about who does not have our trust, who does have our trust, and who deserves it, and what that says about our relationships. The sting does not necessarily hurt, but it is something like a gentle electrical buzz, or an awareness that makes you shift in your seat a bit, because it’s uncomfortable, and because now that you know, you might act on that knowledge, and that action could be a choice to withhold.

Photo by Frances Benjamin Johnston, 1885-1900
Photo by Frances Benjamin Johnston, 1885-1900

Chiron in Pisces is one of the foremost symbols of an open heart in the face of the threat of pain. In the context of this lunation, Chiron’s long elliptical orbit between those of Saturn and Uranus shows that the process of slowing down and journeying deep within with intense and sincere focus is what allows a liberating realization to take form. It is a slight, important, and liberating shift in perception that has as its precursor the willingness to really be present with challenging emotions in order to arrive at a notion that is freeing. And it is likely the case that the notion that frees is not ideal, it still carries a wound and that wound will still be activated, but the awareness allows for more deeply rooted and tremendously wiser actions.

The Sun and Moon are within orb of a sextile to Jupiter in Virgo at the time of the new moon. Scorpio and Virgo are both thorough signs in their own different ways, and using the strengths of each — Scorpio’s hawk eye and depth and Virgo’s sharp and more objective analytical abilities and eye for process — they can help each other accomplish their purposes.

Both luminaries activate Jupiter at this new moon, with an easy sextile from Scorpio to Virgo. Although Jupiter is a beneficent planet, in detriment in Virgo he is not as strong as he could be. On top of that, Scorpio can be a challenging sign, especially if one is not accustomed to standing still within the purifying fire. The simultaneous aspects to Jupiter and Chiron here can bring about an uncomfortable and painful revelation that now requires that the putrid toxins within be seen first, then expelled. The method to do this should now be very easy to apprehend while Mercury and Mars are in mutual reception.

On another level, the sextiles to Jupiter from the new moon can bring a happy expansion, an opportunity, a deepening of opportunity that comes about as the result of consistent applied effort, an ability to wield a challenge to one’s benefit —  especially when it involves support from others or supporting others in the realm of finances, shared property, sexual healing, working together for a transformation, holding silent focused space in service to another’s transformation or expansion, a revelation that brings awareness of the next step to take, knowing how to deepen commitment to a path, or the path being revealed and writ large through doing repetitive mundane work.

Overall it’s an excellent new moon that brings heartfelt emotional honesty, approaching oneself and others with the gentle touch of sincere tenderness, and deepening commitment to a vocation or craft by doing something real, and making the effort to do it well, again and again and again.

With so much love,

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