Julia Colavita, 2008, Acrylic on Canvas. CC 2.0
Julia Colavita, 2008, Acrylic on Canvas. CC 2.0

Next to the sea in the autumn,
your laughter must raise
its foamy cascade,
and in the spring, love,
I want your laughter like
the flower I was waiting for,
the blue flower, the rose
of my echoing country.

~Pablo Neruda, Your Laughter

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Venus enters Libra on November 8, 2015 at 10:31 AM EST.  Since Saturn is in Sagittarius, I will now forewarn you that it is appropriate to take a dance break here, and by the magic of the internet, I will wait for you to finish before I continue.

Ok. Venus’ entrance into Libra is excellent news for Venus, which means that it is great news for all of us.

Venus in Libra is in her domicile, which means that is her home; her place of rulership. Venus is happy in Libra because one of Venus’ most important significations is her being a relational planet. (See Mother Sky’s astrology article on the asteroids for other female significations and ways of relating). Libra is the first sign that represents relationships, relating, harmony, and Venus expresses her own functions exceptionally well in Libra. This Venus relates with refined delicacy, and with utmost concern for the other person. This is a truly considerate Venus with an acute sense of justice. Venus in Libra compromises and adjusts in order to arrive at the most fair and just situation for all parties involved.

This Venus craves harmony and peace and detests discord. Thus the danger here is avoiding a necessary confrontation in order to maintain peace. An ideal image of Venus in Libra here is to consider circumstances from other people’s points of view in order to diplomatically adjust the situation, keeping cooperation in mind.

Looking back a bit, during the mid year months, Venus was retrograde for a good while in Leo. Beauty, adornment, relationship dynamics, and what it means to be strong and heart centered in relating were topics explored deeply and perhaps even below the surface level of consciousness as Venus traveled backward in the sky. At that time there was likely a seeding of Venus stories that develop through this ingress.

The thread of Venus’ movements this year have been thickly woven and beaded with emphasis. Venus has had three meetings with Mars in 2015, her divine consort in mythology. This energized Venus’ experience, and very likely was experienced outwardly in a variety of relationships or situations that made the brought your personal Venus story to life.

(For your reference, the Venus Mars conjunctions this year were in March, early September, and early November.)

Once Venus wrapped up her retrograde in Leo, she entered Virgo, the place of her fall, where she immediately joined Regulus (newly in Virgo after a couple of millienia). In Virgo, Venus will alert you to her priorities before scheduling your dinner date in the calendar. However, she’ll be well dressed, punctual, and would love to make a suggestion for your entree based on her observations of what you like.

The Venus function is relational and harmonious. Love, art, and relating should flow with pleasure punctuated with deep caring. Thus, Venus is exalted in Pisces.

Venus is amplified as she enters Libra because she is still energized by being within orb of a conjunction to Mars as well as being in conjunction to the North Node.

In Vedic astrology, the North Node is known as Rahu, and he signifies the head of the dragon. In that system of astrology, Rahu in part represents the obsessive and insatiable needs. The dragon eats and eats without fulfillment, in accordance with the symbolism of its configuration. Rahu magnifies the qualities of any planet near it, and this is almost always negatively interpreted in Vedic astrology because the head is without a body, it does not digest and assimilate what it eats, so it continuously wants more. The only exception is Venus, which gets along well with Rahu. So I imagine a Venus in domicile does particularly well with Rahu.

Finally, two additional factors make this a super sensitized Venus ingress. First, the north node, already an important point, is currently at 0 degrees Libra. This is a place in the zodiac is known as the world axis, which gives a global relevance to any points that gather here. Second, Venus enters Libra and meets the North Node right at the point where the September 27th Full Moon Eclipse happened at 4 degrees Aries-Libra.

It’s fair to say that this is a substantial ingress. This is a potent time where the decisions now being made, the conversations that are seeded, and the relationships that are stabilizing or initiated hold a weighty amount of significance.

Venus won’t go without her challenges as she travels through Libra. She will be joined by Mars in the sign and apply an easy sextile to Saturn within days, go on to square Pluto, then oppose Uranus as we head toward this month’s super charged full moon on the 25th. Her excellent dignity should provide solid support through all her movements during her time in domicile.

With peace,

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