Saturn’s Return to Scorpio, Squaring up Emotional Terrain

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Old Timey New York Stock Exchange. Located 86 Trinity Place, NY, NY. Image by Flickr User David Foster.
Old Timey New York Stock Exchange. Located 86 Trinity Place, NY, NY. Image by Flickr User David Foster.

In just about a week, Saturn re-enters Scorpio to ensure that we have taken responsibility for our emotional maturation. Saturn returns to Scorpio on June 16 at 8:36 PM EDT. It will bring with it its sickle and scythe and ask us to squarely confront the following themes:

*    The nature of the desire-nature and how we relate to it
*    The mysteries of the force of attraction
*    Understanding desire as propagating life
*    How we relate to our sexuality and sex acts
*    Intimately partnering with and relating to others, and how that changes us
*    Penetrating consciousness to arrive at clarity about personal motivations or the motivations of others
*    Controlling the desire nature
*    Awareness of energetic underpinnings in every exchange
*    The nature of giving energy and receiving energy, and measuring that
*    The nature of holding on and letting go
*    Sourcing or feeding off the potent energy of others
*    The nature of the informational exchange that happens via intercourse
*    Directing the desire nature through defined channels
*    Whether and how crisis plays the role of catalyzing change in our lives
*    The role of polarizing emotional extremes
*    Fear of power, ours or others’

Saturn will be transiting the final two degrees of Scorpio for the third and final time since it first ingressed the sign in October of 2012. While the first touch of a transit activates the emergence of the planet’s archetypal storylines into the individual or collective consciousness, and the second pass enables the process of ownership of the symbolism of the transit, the third pass of a planet through the same patch of sky is the integration an assimilation of the planet’s storyline and lessons.

This final pass of Saturn through Scorpio want to ensure that we have continued to consciously work with the themes named above. If Saturn is touching a personal point, angle or planet, the work you have or have not done around your personal Saturn passage will be amplified as Jupiter squares Saturn in the final days of July, exact on August 2nd.

If the return to Scorpio is not making aspects to points, planets, or angles, here’s how you might want to assess whether you are harnessing Scorpio Saturn energy and using it for your physical, emotional, and mental health.

First House

What is my relationship to my body? How do I feel about how I show up in the world? What do I think about the energetic outputs of my actions, or how my personal actions are influenced by others?

Second House

How am I using my physical, emotional, and mental resources? Am I aware of the quality of the exchange when I give or receive? Do I consider how the needs of my body affect every other area of my life?

Third House

How do I share the depths of my mind with others? Am I communicating in a way that nourishes my requirement for deep understanding? Am I energetically satiated by the quality of my mental exchanges?

Fourth House

Is my home a place where I can energetically recharge? Do I feel safe to explore my own depths at home? Have I transformed my environment in order to allow myself feel nourished?

Fifth House

Is what I create a reflection of what I am most passionate about? How have I sifted through my emotions and given birth to an important personal project? Do I feel lit up enough by my passions to allow myself to bravely express my creative impulses?

Sixth House

Have taken responsibility for transforming my relationship to my health? Is my every day environment an appropriate reflection of who I feel I am inside? How is my sex life affecting my overall health?

Seventh House

Do I relate to others in the most authentic way? Am I sharing my highest energy with others? Is my primary relationship serving my deepest emotional needs?
Eighth House

What is my relationship to crisis and change? Have I distilled my emotions enough to be clear of my motivations in relating to others? Do I have an outlet for my intense emotional life?

Ninth House

Have I thoroughly examined what I believe? How are my beliefs influenced by others? Are my beliefs serving my highest vision for myself?

Tenth House

Have I taken possession of my authority? Is my self concept of my authority clear to me? How can I have greater clarity on my purpose in the world?

Eleventh House

How are my friends affecting me energetically? Do my desires for myself align with who I associate myself with? How am I fed by my peers?

Twelfth House

What is my relationship to my inner world? What inner processes need to be clarified? How can I measure the quality of my energy to ensure it is what I want it to be?

Saturn in Planetary Aspect:

Saturn to Sun: Is my self concept fully defined according to my deepest self understanding?
Saturn to Moon:  Am I aware of my deepest emotional needs, and are they being met?
Saturn to Mercury: Have I filtered my mind and speech to include deep self-awareness?
Saturn to Venus: Are my relationships reflecting my values?
Saturn to Mars: Are my actions aligned with my motivations?
Saturn to Jupiter: Is my expansion measured and based in my desire to transform?
Saturn to Saturn: What structures in my life require changing in order to feel more aligned?
Saturn to Uranus: How can I consistently behave in a way that builds freedom?
Saturn to Neptune: Are my dreams defined and energetically clear?
Saturn to Pluto: How am I relating to the transformational structures in my world?

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