Bucky Fuller, Mercury Rx by way of Chart Study

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R. Buckminster Fuller. Image by Flickr user Maia Valenzuela
R. Buckminster Fuller.
Image by Flickr user Maia Valenzuela

You can never learn less, you can only learn more.
~ Buckminster Fuller

If you want to get a comprehensible dose of the vastness of the Universe, look as far into the writings of Buckminster Fuller as humanly
possible, then look farther. Like many other groundbreaking geniuses, Bucky was given the exquisitely divine gift of being able to put human communicative form to his God-given intimations of the mechanics of the Universe.

If there is a phrase that could be used to attempt to capture the profound reaches of Bucky’s understanding of the world, it would be, infinitely expanding iterations of increased understanding. If you have ever read any of Bucky’s writing you will know that to capture Bucky’s modus operandi within a set of three or four words is an utter wisecrack. Here, see what I mean:

“Science recognizes many fundamentally complementary aspects of Universe. The black hole is not a negative. As implosion is to explosion, the black hole phenomenon is to the inside-out, expanding Universe. The black hole is the inverse phase— the outside-inning phase— of cosmic evolution. What humans have spontaneously identified as good and bad— or as positive and negative— are evolutionary complementations in need of more accurate identifications.”

Buckminster Fuller, Critical Path

As I write this, the penultimate phase of the second Mercury Retrograde of 2015 is happening. Mercury will turn direct on June 11 and exit shadow on June 27.

As I mentioned earlier in the week, Bucky’s chart is an excellent mirror for the current astrology, and this Mercury Retrograde cycle in particular.

Buckminster Fuller's Chart. A Rodden Rating. Click to Enlarge
Buckminster Fuller’s Chart. A Rodden Rating. Click to Enlarge

Since we have a series of bodies in Gemini squaring Neptune in Pisces over the course of a month or so, I found Bucky’s emergence into my consciousness at this particular time unsurprising.

The area of his chart that I would like to focus on here is his angular Pluto-Neptune conjunction in Gemini which is in square aspect to his Moon in Pisces conjunct the North Node in Pisces in the 11th house.

Buckminster Fuller  said “God has introduced me to many, many thousands of humans.”

Image by Maia Valenzuela
Image by Maia Valenzuela

He had a huge-picture of view how the decisions of humans operate infinitely interconnectively, and used this understanding to support the knowledge he seemed to birth from the depths ( . )  of the Universe itself. If the Universe can be said to have a ground, such that we can put our feet on it and imagine we are rooted into it, nourished by the nutrients in its soil, then we can say that Buckminster Fuller had access to these necessary, life-giving minerals.

Not only did he access these minerals, Bucky put them to work in his many future-gestative projects, giving life to the Dymaxion brain child, the Dymaxion house brain child, the philosophical metaphysics of the Universe brain children, geodesic domes brain children, and many other potent and futuristic ideas besides.

Dymaxion Car, 1933, Diego Rivera entering car. Image by Flickr user Sascha Pohflepp
Dymaxion Car, 1933, Diego Rivera entering car.
Image by Flickr user
Sascha Pohflepp

An essential key to understanding Buckminster Fuller as well as the current astrology is in his philosophy that duality, or opposites, are necessary and complementary operations in the Universe. My understanding of him is that it is in error to assume that positive and negative have moral value charges, because they are just what is, as a function of natural science. He was in tune with the infinite reaches of the potentialities within the Universe and he sought to make sense and meaning of humanity’s place in it. So where there is black and white, good and bad, positive and negative, it was softened by Bucky’s filling in the connective color spectrum to create nutritive links that make sense of what might at a cursory glance appear to be a chaotic and meaningless Universe.

For this Mercury Retrograde cycle I propose that we engage our curiosity to consider what might be possible if:

* We savor swinging in suspension between knowing and not knowing
* We allow the pendulum on which we are swinging to be the rhythm of nature, which does not depend on our conscious participation to go on operating in its perfection
* We consider how to use the forces in our lives to their fullest potential, instead of resisting them
* We suspend logic in order to entertain even more possibility
* We put ourselves in God’s shoes in order to understand the interconnectivity of all humanity in particular, and allow that to be a method by which we release any tense grip on limiting potentiality. I propose we look at slides of many fast moving cells or even cell processes to begin to grasp this
* We meditate on vastness
* We move beyond either/or thinking
* We see through the literal events, feelings, discussions, to understand the process and the meaning of the process

With great interest,

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Further resources:
The Metaphysics of Buckminster Fuller by Phillip Pierson

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