* Good morning Tweeps
* The Moon is currently transiting Scorpio and will go void at 4:42 PM EDT. Moon enters Sagittarius at 1:08 AM EDT tomorrow April 8.

* Or you could just, not have *as much* juice. But somehow I don’t think life is supposed to work like that….. Juice is of course relative
* ANYWAY. On to the day’s aspects. Just a few aspects to talk about today, but potent.
* Firstly, Moon is in Scorpio is applying to oppose Venus in Taurus. We are gentle with ourselves through heavy emotional muck. Muck is fine.
* Scorpio is the sign of power, taboos, deep emotions, piercing perceptions, sexuality, primal drives. It’s “ruled” by Pluto and Mars.
* Scorpio knows, by sensing, the unfathomable depths of energetic exchange between humans. Scorpio is a magician at energy manipulation.
* So, Scorpio knows this, and that can be scary. This is why trust is a big theme for Scorpio. Scorpio must first trust themselves.
* If Scorpio is aware of their own power, and its potential to create or destroy, Scorp can wield that power more effectively
* It’s about getting past that instinct to give the sting of the scorpion for stinging’s sake, transmuting that impulse toward a “higher” end
* When the power is not repressed but expressed consciously, a lot of energy frees up.
* To express Scorpio energy consciously requires the courage (tapping the Leo square) to go to the depths to see what’s there & work with it
* Easier said than done. So with the Moon’s opposition to Venus today, let your body tell you where your heart is, and listen to that.
* With Sun in Aries still conjunct Uranus among these aspects, we are being called to do bravely do brand new things, defeat old patterns.
* Part of that process today is courageously confronting our own darkness.
* That’s your astro for the day tweeps. Thanks for the RTs & I will catch you on the flip.


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image: Kitab al-Bulhan, Arabic Scorpio, Wikimedia Commons

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