Photo by Umberto Salvagnin
Photo by Umberto Salvagnin

Jupiter is currently stationing direct, resuming forward motion on April 8, 2015 at 12:57 PM EDT. When a planet stations, its energy is more pronounced than when it is humming along at full steam ahead. In the days preceding and after the moment of the planet’s change of motion, we feel that planet’s energy more potently. In the case of Jupiter, we might have opportunities arise, big ideas finally congeal as they are revealed to our conscious mind, we might meet Jupiter figures (anyone with a gleaming smile who expands your horizons), we might feel a deepening of our spiritual practice, our paper gets published, and so on.

If you are at all Jupiter sensitive, you will feel this station particularly potently. A Jupiter sensitive individual is:

* someone with many aspects to Jupiter in their chart
* someone  with many points in the Jupiter ruled sign of Sagittarius (or Pisces)
* possibly a person with an emphasis on the 9th house
* possibly a person who shares a significant portion of their life with Jupiterians
* possibly a person who uses their time to do Jupiterian things like philosophizing, broadcasting, lecturing, traveling, interacting with different cultures, reading, publishing, philosophizing, conducting a spiritual practice.

Remember that there are many interpretations of an astrological event. The meaning is always in its maker (an idea I picked up from Geoffrey Cornelius — read his book The Moment of Astrology). I think both of the following notions are true: That you choose the meaning you see in events, and that we are each pre-disposed to perceiving different frameworks of meaning.

Jupiter direct
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Some notable features of the Jupiter direct chart which I’ll treat here are an angular Jupiter, ruler of the chart Moon in Sagittarius in the 5th–doubly underscoring the moment of Jupiter’s direct motion–and Moon separating from a conjunction to a retrograde Saturn in the fifth house, and applying to square Neptune in the 8th house.

The angular Jupiter emphasizes the process of taking personal action with the philosophy or ideas developed since Jupiter turned retrograde on December 8th. The theme is one of building something creative with old family stories, or old karmic weight. You have solidified your personal truth by burning through the dead weight of your soul. Now it is time to take action with the fruits of your hard earned knowledge. You can be a vehicle for regenerating old energy through consciously processing it, then re-purposing it in a creative endeavor that serves other people. The stages of peeling back the layers on your personal story have been subtle, guided by unseen forces, uncanny synchronicities, and surreal moments of gut-level knowing. Heeding those processes and making something cohesive of them is part of the journey going forward.

Happy Jupiter direct, readers.

Take good care,

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image: Luck is… (explored) by Umberto Salvagnin

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