For the rest of the day, the Moon is void in Leo. A good way to inhabit this space of time would be to reflect on the recent Full Moon events, and to adjust and compose ourselves in light of them.

Then, in the next 24 hours, the Moon will square Saturn and make a number of oppositions to bodies in Pisces.

When the Moon squares Saturn we meet Saturnian themes through our emotional body.

If one is in the habit of requiring the outer world to present us with what we cannot or choose not to see inwardly, the outer world obliges

With Virgo square Sagittarius, we ceaselessly strive toward a higher vision. And we are endlessly critical if reality falls short of the vision.

An alternative expression would be, longing for Saturnian *clarity* around something that needs improvement.

So, let yourself dream of how good it could be.

Over the course of the next few days, the Moon will make oppositions to a number of bodies in Pisces. A dance between imagination & the real

In mutable signs, we are reminded that *holding on* rarely serves us. We are reminded that life flows, neverendingly. We should too.

So as the Moon squares Saturn, and engages the bodies in Pisces, and even quincunxes Aquarius– face reality, yes, then keep flowing.

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