Synchronous video under Venus in Pisces sq. Saturn in Sagittarius, then Venus conjunct Neptune in Pisces. Watch and read on.

Loving someone the Gods need to take away. A lover possessed by the daimon of his passions. What happens when we wrest from the gods their rightful conduit?

He runs from her. Does he willingly sacrifice himself to the gods? He runs towards a great Ocean. Like a willing Faustus?

She follows him. Does she think she can stand in the face of the gods and demand him? She stares down the great Ocean.

She does away with her impractical shoes, even in the snow.

She raises his face to kiss her. Does he want her love? By loving her, does he only delay his inevitable seizure?

Alternatively, love, unyielding effort and sacrifice, pain and stricture for love, anything for love, the self worth that comes from unconditional love, stripping away everything for love, the redemption of love, needing to be melted to accept love, needing the depth of love to be proven in real terms, working relentlessly for love, desiring divine, unearthly love, yearning to merge into cosmic love, desiring cosmic love in mortal form.

Such an apt video for the astrology of the moment.

Be the ocean where I unravel
Be my only, be the water where I’m wading

Antigone, after long and desperate wandering, led her father on the road to Kolonos, Poseidon’s rocky hill and one of the entrances to the underworld. There the Erinyes, the goddesses who avenge the Mother, had their inviolable grove. In this place Oidipus was forgiven by the gods, and the earth opened to receive him at last.
-Liz Greene, Astrology of Fate

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