Today in Moon in Pisces square Saturn in Sagittarius goings on:

Marina Abramović on the complex relationship between the artist’s wellspring of creativity (Moon conjunct Neptune), public demand (Saturn in Sagittarius — broadcasting, the public), and the necessity and structure of self care (Moon and Saturn themes)—

“Abramovic herself is as eager as ever, however, and unperturbed by the perception that she is overexposed. “There are so many rules in the art world,” she said by phone last week en route to Los Angeles for Friday evening’s event. “I don’t like rules and I break them all the time. I don’t care if people think I’m overexposed. What I care about is if I’m going to run out of energy.” To prevent just that, Abramovic spends half her time “recharging,” whether at her home upstate or abroad in places like Brazil, where she plans to spend the next three months. “Overexposure is only a problem if you are drained of energy and cannot come up with new ideas. Every artist has to recognize that and know when to stop for a moment.” ~ Vogue

Transiting Venus on Abramović’s Aquarius Moon today.  Present Moon cycle brings her into awareness, she has a Moon opposite Saturn conjunct Neptune across the Leo Aquarius axis.

image: Marina Abramović, Anima Mundi, 1983. From Luciano on Flickr Commons.

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