Dear friends and readers,

Happy new year to you! On this new year’s eve here in EST, I wish for all your dreams to take flight, all your hopes to become ever burning embers of trust, and all your inner spaces to find warm support within or outside of you!

At this cusp of a new year, so many of us decide to change our personal stories. It’s true that the stories we tell about ourselves can get hardened and congeal over time, like the bone marrow you put in the fridge after you let that bad boy simmer the pot for a long, long time….. (Happy Moon in Taurus too, while I’m at warm wishing you all over the place!)

In this new year I invite you not only to change the story you tell about yourself, but to also let others change their stories too. This might mean being thoughtful and remembering that a person might choose to respond to a situation differently, do something outside of what they usually do. It might even mean creating space for something like that to occur. There is fresh life in the novel 🙂

Also, I invite you to take a further step and actively change the story about who you are. Under today’s Mars-Jupiter opposition, seed a promise to yourself to challenge your beliefs about what is true about you, or what might be possible in your reality. What would it look like to do something radically different, that would make you happy, that would express more of your core personality? Are you thinking about what it would look like? Are you imagining what it would look like??? That’s the most important part. Keep doing that. Pictures are potent portents of the future!

Take good care in the new year. Thank you for being here, and if you have an interest in gradually shifting your storyline, stick around a while will you? And share this post with people who want to change their stories too!

Much love and many blessings,
I remain,
Yours in aggressively expansive personal story lines,


p.s. Here is a song I listen to every year on the new year. 🙂

image: Burning embers from a bonfire

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