Why do so many famous and poignant creators, who have touched our hearts, carry a notebook with them everywhere they go? Beatrix Potter, Mark Twain, Thomas Jefferson, Da Vinci. Others. We all know of or have heard of them. Moleskine continues to market an entire line of notebooks on this premise. Notebook connoisseurs, feel free to roll your eyes at the Moleskine reference… only if you share which notebook or journal you prefer instead.

An important thing to understand about inspiration — in astrology, the domain of the fire element, the domain also of Neptune, as well as the water element — is that inspiration is very fast. Inspiration comes in inward visions, thought fragments, fleeting knowings in the consciousness. In just seconds, entire worlds can reveal themselves to you.

Sometimes, we want to take these worlds and inward visions, and share what was seen or felt or perceived, thought, or realized. What this requires, since inspiration happens so fast, is that we first remember what we perceived. Some us have stellar memories and count on those. Others trust in the figurative Cloud we can upload and download information from at any time, no accessorizing necessary. Others still, like Oscar Wilde, Virgo rising and North Node in Taurus, are super serious about bringing inspiration into the physical world, so they need to write that ish down, immediafreakingmente, right now.

And so after remembering our many inspirations and deciding we want to share them with the world, what happens is we need to slow……………… the vision………… down………..… We slow down the lightning fast impulse in order to give it form here in the reality most of us inhabit.

The visual artist, seeing an inward vision, might take months or years to paint what they saw. The novelist begins with a character trait, and builds an entire story around that singular small piece of information…. and it doesn’t happen in the snap of a finger. The musician receives a beat, or a chord, or a bar of notes, and builds and tweaks and collaborates until there is a song, and then, maybe, an entire album or composition.

Welcome to being an embodied human. Through a cosmic confluence of influences, you receive inspiration. Your charge is share with us what was gifted to you, inside you, where only you can see it, and in sharing with us, engage us in a heartening match of beauty poker.

Yours in highly personalized creationism narratives,


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image: Sketches from Guillermo Del Toro’s notebook , which were eventually given form as Pan’s Labyrinth, produced from 20 years worth of drawings and mental meanderings.

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