The planets are known as “grabbers” in Vedic astrology, because they grab you and it’s almost like the play a tape in your being/aura/astral body that can pull you into acting on behalf of one or both of the planets and embodying their narrative.

The Mars Saturn opposition becoming exact this week is one to watch because these are two planets of extremes, and they are both passionate in their own way about their particular convictions. Mars in Leo wants action, passion, movement, and is prone to dramatic displays of strength. Saturn retrograde in Aquarius wants discipline, quality control, commitment, and maturity.

This energy has been a slow build, which is a good characterization of it in the first place. It has been in play for a little more than a week already. Mars starts to move under the rays of Saturn this week, and either polarity can show up (or neither can, for some of us – especially those who don’t have fixed signs around 12 degrees prominent). The aspect is exact 12 degrees of Leo and Aquarius on Thursday July 1, 2021. After that, the intensity may slowly begin to fade, but it will still be in diminishing effect through the following week.

Knowing that this aspect is becoming exact, we can move through this planetary face-off with awareness and agency, and avoid getting grabbed by the planets and living out their stories or vibrational suggestions.. And in situations where others are grabbed by the planets, our presence of mind and spirit can have a vibrational impact on others that defuses negativity or tension and brings more spaciousness to a situation. Every bit of spaciousness counts.

This opposition can manifest as:

  • One person or group acts out the symbolism of the polarity while another person or group acts out the other. One person wants action now, the other wants structure before action, or structured action!
  • A situation requires measured, calculated, efficient, and mature action plan.
  • A situation responds best to not rushing, holding back impulsive action, pushing back on pressure to rush, and taking time to do things efficiently and soundly.

Important note: For some people, this energy can be particularly tough. Especially in the midst of a trying global pandemic that has had incredible impact on so many people’s mental health. Mars Saturn can be a particularly rough aspect that can make people feel like they are at the end of their rope. The pressure and burden can be too much and they might feel like they have no option but to quit and give up. Sometimes that can show up in dire ways. Check on your loved ones who have a history of depression or your friends you think are OK. This would be a good time to make a social media post encouraging people who are suffering to seek help and how they can do that. If you have strength to lend, lend it.

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