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This month I have outlined the main highlights of March’s astrology below. One of the main features that stood out to me for March is Mars moving from the ongoing square with Saturn, ushering in a sense of freedom as it moves on. Whatever energy pattern or specific situation this may constellate as in your life is now finding more ease of being. We also continue to be bolstered by Jupiter’s sharing the same sign as Saturn, supporting and facilitating structural change. One way this can show up as is in the broadest sense – for fellow humans, animals, and the earth itself. This can be expressed as structural change or material support for the public good or general welfare.

This month I have created a google calendar for you with the highlights included below. You can add it to your own google calendar by clicking here.

I also have a podcast recorded for you all about Jane Dee, John Dee’s wife, and a bit of a research rabbit hole I went down as I was reading an article about the Dee household by Deborah Harkness, who you may recognize in affiliation with the Discovery of Witches series!

I am also working on a little bit of an astrology program for you that I am hoping to release by the equinox or the end of the month. More details on that to come!

The Astrology of March 2021

March 3 – Mars enters Gemini. This marks the end of that Aquarius overcoming situation where Saturn and Mars have been in a standoff basically since Mars entered Aries in July 2020. This would have impacted fixed signs or those with planets in the fixed signs in prominence the most. That storyline or thread of energy now morphs into a new chapter or a new theme. It should be a more harmonious one since Mars and Saturn will now be in air signs.

March 4 – Mercury conjunct Jupiter at 17 degrees Aquarius – A fortuitous or beneficial message. A discussion about gain or advancement. Putting a communication on a loudspeaker. Moon is in Scorpio this day and leading up to it, maybe some developments need to be kept under wraps for the time being.

March 10 – Sun conjunct Neptune at 20 degrees Pisces. A mystical mood. Good for contemplation and diving into the wordless, expansive, spiritual infinite. Mixing healing herbs for tonics and otherwise detecting things taking place far off in the universe.

March 13 – New Moon at 13 Pisces – A very intuitive time. Take a moment or an evening or a day to connect inwardly on this day or around it if you can swing it. Pisces is deeply internal and intuitive. This is a time when inner connection is facilitated, where one can almost slip into a deeper state of awareness with less effort than usual.

March 20 –  Sun enters Aries. Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere and Fall equinox in the Southern Hemisphere. This is one of the examples of earth time being important. We humans routinely go by clock time. We are  accustomed to it. But we still mark the passage of the seasons and the smaller earth-time interval of the Sun’s daily rise and set. If you track the lunar cycle that is another form of what I’m calling earth time but is really just an attunement to the rhythms of nature. These rhythms have a tendency to bring revelation, beauty, synchronicity, truth, healing, and many other good things into our lives, in a way that makes clock time seem rigid and forced. One day’s quality of 8am will not be the same as another day’s quality of 8am. And one day’s Sun movement marks a new season as well a certain distribution of light and dark, whereas on most other days this is not quite as remarkable.

March 21 – Venus enters Aries. Relating is bold, impulsive, fast, fiery, stimulating, demonstrative and exciting.

March 26 – Venus cazimi at 5 degrees Aries. This is Venus in the throne room, in the heart of the Sun. Venus begins a new cycle now. If you wish you may begin a cazimi journal around this date and keep it for the next year to eighteen months to track the cycle of relating and Venus’ personal meaning in your life.

March 28 – Full Moon at 8 degrees Libra. The Sun and Venus are also at 8 degrees Aries, along with Chiron. See if there are any themes of healing, especially unusual healing or stories about advanced or ancient medicine or healing practices that surface around now.

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