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A key theme of this Mercury retrograde is the invitation to become aware of arguing for your limitations. Some of us do this quite easily in certain situations. But is it really true that that thing you think can’t happen, can’t actually come to pass? Or is it just the path of least resistance to believe in a built in narrative about yourself, or what’s possible for you, or what’s possible in the world?

This Mercury retrograde in Scorpio encourages examining our thought processes, especially the places where we automatically say no. If it comes from a guilt consciousness, a narrow way of understanding the world, a sense of smallness or not-enoughness, staying inside a comfort zone, or not knowing how to say yes even if you want to say yes, pay special attention to that.

Since it can be hard to objectively look at our own thoughts or patterns of thinking, it might be helpful to pair up with a trusty friend and run any questionable “automatic no” thought processes by them.

And then, don’t stop there. These ways of thinking may be crystallized and rigid – hard to bulldoze through. This is shown by Mercury’s applying retrograde sextile to Saturn. But Saturn also encourages the next step. Which is, once the negative or nay-saying thought process is identified, do something to carve a new neural and behavioral pathway. Say yes. Take the uncomfortable action. Do the expansive thing that feels like it’s not for you, or it’s wrong, or you simply can’t ever do it. Absolutes are very rarely true….

Say yes, and seek out the yes-sayers who can also brainstorm how to practically bring about the yes with you, and talk with them.

Mercury retrograde in Scorpio dates: October 31, 2019 to November 20, 2019 from 27 degrees Scorpio to 11 degrees Scorpio and back again.

Yes, yes, yes,



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