How to Track Eclipse Effects in Your Life – A Workshop and Class

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How to Track Eclipse Effects in Your Life

An Online Workshop for Learning to Track the Eclipse Effects in Your Life and Understanding Your Personal Narrative of Past Eclipses

Learn a method for tracking eclipse cycles so you can weave together the larger narrative of significant life events. Discover how to move through eclipse seasons with grace, while helping friends, co-workers, and family do the same.

This is both a class and workshop in that it is both instructional and hands-on. I will teach you about the nature of eclipses and how to discern their shape and character, and I’ll give you a method for looking back into your past to see if and how the most significant events in your life were tied into the eclipses of that time.

If you have a basic familiarity with your chart, knowing which planets were in which signs and houses at the time of your birth, and you are able to recognize the astrological glyphs of the planets and signs, then you are poised to get the most out of this offering.

If you are starting from square one with astrological knowledge, it might be best to have a personal birth chart reading focused on exploring past eclipses in your chart instead, or come back to this workshop when you have a basic technical familiarity with your chart!

This workshop-class is for you if you are interested in deepening your understanding of eclipses by looking into your past, learning how to move through eclipse seasons with grace, and give your near and dear ones some well-timed eclipse-season guidance too. I will show you how.

What’s Included

  •  A PDF guide to understanding eclipses, their effects, and a method for tracking them in your life.

  • An mp3 class that walks you through the PDF slides.

  • Lots of chart examples so you can see this method in action.

  • A bonus mp3 audio that introduces the basic elements of the natal chart so that you can deepen your understanding of your chart.

  • All materials will be downloadable, and delivered via e-mail, via dropbox links.
  • BONUS: 15 minute July 2019 Eclipse Season personal reading recording by Ichrak if purchased by 11:59pm Wednesday July 17

Release Date — Friday July 19th at 10pm ET



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Hi, I’m Ichrak! (Pronounced eeshrock). I have been studying astrology since 2009, and practicing astrology professionally since 2014. This course is being offered under a summer 2019 Mercury Retrograde, after I have had it in various stages of production for just under a year!

As I was doing the exercises I’ll show you in this course, I realized that there was an eclipse in 2009 within a degree of the planet and house in my chart that most has to do with me getting onto the astrological path. I like to say I was put on the astrological path, because it kept trying to get my attention for a while, but I didn’t have a developed sense of listening to my inner voice at the time (or even really obvious outer signs….), so I couldn’t pick up on the clues! 

That eclipse happened in late January 2009, and the event tied to that eclipse happened in April of that year — I got into a car accident that put me at home for an extended period of time with injuries that meant that I could no longer focus on the outer world — I had to be still. With that stillness, a new, fresh energy entered my life, and it was then that I discovered astrology and spirituality.

There were absolutely other astrological factors at the time that reflected the significance of that extended moment in my life — if something is important then the astrology is often times really obvious about it. 

Going through years, there are many such examples I can link to eclipses. I find that they add a layer of symbolism that point to and affirm the broader narrative of important moments in my life. I made this workshop-class to show you my simple method and teach you how to do the same! 


Thank you for a deeply comprehensive tour of such a complex subject: the workbook is an excellent tool & you led us through it with great clarity and authority. I get it!! It answered so many of my questions. ~ H.C.

When Ichrak offered an annual reading with profections I jumped at the opportunity because I’m on the threshold of several big changes in my life. And what a gift that reading is! It’s *exactly* what I was hoping for, all structured in such a clear, fluid way that made deep sense to me – it landed, as though on a cellular level. Ichrak took me through the main themes of the year ahead and offered fascinating information that I’ve never heard elsewhere, all personally relevant to me, delivered with insight and humour. One of the things I love most is the advice and action steps she outlines to maximize opportunities or work through challenges. I will be listening to this gem of a recording again and again. Highly recommended.

Nadine Prada, Artist & Art Director,

I’m fulfilling an intention of giving myself more attention this year, and have listened to your generous illumination several times to take notes and plug into my 2019 calendar the remediations that you suggest. Thank you for mapping out the profection of the year, looking into my solar return and going into nitty gritty through the transits in my chart. Your readings have always been cutting – hitting the bull’s eye as you aim and remain true. I trust your work deeply, and I am so grateful of connecting with you from my side of the world!

S.P., Phillipines, Earth


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California based astrologer in practice since 2014. Blending traditional astrology with Yogic/Vedic philosophy, and wisdom teachings, art, poetry, literature and spirituality.

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