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I just completed a satisfying reading with a return client. It was satisfying because I felt it was helpful to the client, and also because of the openness of the client at the end of their reading.

Although I have a client form where clients can share what’s on their mind and what they want the reading to focus on at the time they book their reading, I normally give clients an opportunity to share at the beginning of the reading, too.

From there, the experience is frequently about an hour of me sharing astrological information with the client, periodically checking in with them to see how things are landing.

Some clients are more vocal, and some simply choose to listen. Both are perfect ways to experience an astrology reading.

When the reading is over, sometimes the client has questions, which I am happy to field. We exchange farewells, I let the client know that I will send them their recording, and I invite them to send me any questions if they pop up soon after the reading.

This time, the client chose to share about their personal journey at this moment in their lives, and how several interpretations I shared during the reading actually play out in their real life. They even navigated back to their first reading with me and shared how things unfolded at that time.

As an astrologer, this is invaluable to me!

While I don’t expect this and never push it or request it, the stories from the roots and ground of the client’s lived experience make the chart a breathing mandala to me. These lived stories greatly enhance the connection between not only myself and the client, but also with the living expressions of the celestial sphere in its entirety.

It doesn’t always happen, but today it did, and I feel extremely grateful for it!

Something that I shared with the client that I am happy to share here, as it applies to all of us, is to go out and commune with Jupiter at night over these next couple of weeks. Jupiter is now presiding over the night sky like a Full Moon. It has just passed the solar opposition, the brightest and most expressive point in its yearly cycle.

Go out at night to your yard or to a calm place, look for Jupiter high in the sky (it looks like a star but it’s Jupiter). Leave your phone. Sit somewhere calm and safe with the intention to connect with Jupiter. Speak with Jupiter from the heart, and then be receptive and listen for what Jupiter has to say to you. It may come right then, and it may come in the following days. The message can have to do with what is calling out to be done, lived, experienced, or expressed, in order to live into the fullness of one’s individual expression on earth.

Remember that Jupiter is in a beautiful position in the heavens right now, being in the sign of its yang, diurnal strength. And that is amplified because of its brightness. Listen with the inner ear and notice the significance from the inner world. Jupiter’s flavor is one of knowing and integration beyond the rational, logical mind… which is the realm of Mercury.

Enjoy 🙂

With love,



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  1. This is true for tarot card readers as well; so often people refuse to participate in their readings (playing some version of “stump the reader”), the reader has no idea if any of what they see resonates with the client…until they come back, excited to tell you all the ways you were right, etc. etc. I always appreciate feedback (particularly during a reading because it can help form better questions – it’s not necessary but it is useful).

    Thank you for sharing this with us – I am glad to know we (astrologers and card readers – I cannot speak for any other groups) have this in common.

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