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The cosmic gods are shunning subtlety in favor of more obvious methods these days. A lot of attention is being called to the Libra areas of our charts. The upcoming Full Moon, happening on April 19 at 7:12 AM ET at 29 degrees of Libra. It is the second one in a row that occurs in the sign of Libra.

A Full Moon brings with it an experience of culmination, completion, and an awareness of information that may previously have been concealed.

Libra’s cardinality sign suggests a mini-season of great movement, change, initiation, or new activity beginning. For individuals, a fresh energy is being stirred in the house that contains Libra.

With both of these lunations, Libran themes hang thick in the air. Deliberation, consideration, and thoughtfulness are worth being intentional about. Thinking about what could be thought about more thoroughly and carefully. This can apply to life in general, or in the particular house where the Libra lunations occur.

Libra is a sign that is ruled by the planet Venus. Its planetary ruler and airy element brings connection, finding like things or commonalities, and creating bridges between many things, but most often people in particular.

Balance is a word that often gets mentioned in conjunction with Libra. The constellation of this sign is depicted as a woman holding the scales. Sometimes just the scales are depicted, conjuring a natural association with balance.  Balance is an active function that seems like an ideal and desirable state, but that suggests precarity at the same time. It doesn’t seem like things stay in balance for very long before they have be re-balanced again.. Balance is attainable but not able to be maintained for very long. But since balance is an ideal, it seems to be something that should always be strived for.

A state of balance lends itself to harmony, which naturally creates a sense of peace. Within a sense of peace, all good things can flourish, and life naturally progresses to its next most ideal state.

For easy reference, here is a guide to the areas of life both Libra Full Moons are shining a light on these past couple of months. Check your rising sign and sun sign

Aries: relationships with others, close partners of all kinds, open enemies

Taurus: work, work life, health and illness, day to day flow

Gemini: romance, creativity, children, sports

Cancer: home, family, father, ancestors, soul

Leo: communication, siblings, thoughts, day to day activities

Virgo: cash money, moveable assets, earned income, partner’s shared financial considerations

Libra: self, direction of life, established identity in the world

Scorpio: hidden activities, hidden impulses, cloistered events, self-defeating processes

Sagittarius: friends, social circles, hopes and desires for life

Capricorn: work, profession, career, what you are known for

Aquarius: divination, travel, religion and spirituality, higher education, the higher mind

Pisces: shared finances, inheritance, loans, shared intimate energy, psychological considerations

Where is the Full Moon in Libra happening for you, and what’s going on in your life?


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