This post was originally published to Instagram on February 12, 2019.

Touching on Lilly’s Lost Fish this morning for a horary refresher. Horary is the art of using a chart cast for the moment a question is asked to divine information. Here Lilly cast a chart for the moment he heard that his fish broker’s warehouse had been pillaged, and Lilly’s fish stolen. (Don’t mess with a Taurus’ food)⁣

Things that stand out to me about this instructional anecdote:⁣

* Lilly does not waste a minute going about finding his fish and I find his haste amusing⁣

* He says “Discretion, together with Art, assisted me to think…” and says that because there are so many important figures in watery signs in the chart, that the thief’s profession must be watery (it was), or that they must live on the water (they did). Discretion together with Art! It’s not just the signs but the movement of symbol and their communication to the inquirer/diviner that allows the symbol to speak.⁣

* Because Mars is at 29 degrees of Scorpio, it’s own sign, Lilly wonders if the thief had recently sold land or “was leaving his proper house”. This makes my heart swoon. Anyone else? ⁣

* Lilly, after securing a search warrant, WAITS to do a search of the thief’s house FINDS HIS FISH partly eaten (Mercury in fall and detriment, moon applying sextile to mercury lord of second), also v Taurus (why Taurus is a good match for stealth Scorp. Don’t sleep on the bull!!), TAKES HIS FISH BACK, then I assume he eats the ones he recovered.⁣

* My question is, how are the fish still good after all those days (over a week!) waiting for the moment to live the chart (embody its symbols) to conduct the search?? Lilly said the guy’s wife had stored them in water! Will a Taurus stop at nothing for their rightful meal! ⁣

Good times in 1638 on Thames, y’all…



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