Astrology of 2019

Want a thorough understanding of the planetary activity in 2019? Plan your year using astrology as your guide. Avoid turbulent times and maximize beneficial moments. 2019 is nothing like 2018 (thank Goddess). Let’s plan to have a solid year using astrological knowledge in our favor!

This 60 minute recording includes descriptions and tips for 2019’s three Mercury retrogrades, eclipse seasons, important planetary sign changes, and 2019’s signature energies. (Hint, no full-on Mars retrograde this year & no Venus retrograde either)

Your purchase includes an accompanying pdf packet that includes:

* How to Use This Information⁣⁣
* 2019 Astrological Signatures⁣⁣
* Month by Month Key Word Themes⁣⁣
* Dates to Watch⁣⁣
* Lucky Dates⁣⁣
* Planetary Stations⁣⁣
* Eclipse Tips⁣⁣
* 2019 Eclipse Dates⁣⁣
* Lunar Cycle Tips⁣⁣
* 2019 New Moon and Full Moon Dates⁣⁣
* Mercury Retrograde Tips⁣⁣
* Planetary Retrogrades in 2019 ⁣⁣


This mp3 recording will be delivered via dropbox link to the e-mail you use to make your purchase. For delivery to a different e-mail address, please e-mail atlasastrology[at] with the e-mail you want it sent to. Please allow 12 hours for e-mail delivery as I am sending these individually as orders come in. Thanks!  



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