Jupiter in Sagittarius 2018-2019: A Monograph

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We are each blessed with something good. And there is a good reason why we have been given what we have been given, and we should put that to good use. We cannot carry anything with us when we depart from this world, and hence we should share whatever it is that we have been blessed with. We should be grateful that we have been blessed to be in a position to share rather than the reverse position.⁣

Jupiter in Sagittarius:  November 8, 2018 – December 2, 2019

Jupiter entered Sagittarius on November 8, 2018. This planetary entry into a new sign is rightly considered most fortunate, as Jupiter here enters the sign of its rulership, also called its domicile.

Jupiter’s return to Sagittarius is a homecoming. It is as if Jupiter has been on a long journey through many lands, some known to Jupiter,  and so the muscle memory grants an ease of movement, and previous tours provide a knowledge of resources and sites of experience and interest; some foreign, so that uncharted territory requires a heightened state of alertness to navigate deftly; some hostile so that Jupiter must muster its best qualities and bring them to bear as it meets the challenge presented by antagonistic others or dangerous lands; and some bearing friends, so that Jupiter’s movement was possessed of a knowledgeable guide, a place to rest and rejuvenate, and connections to accomplish its works.

Now Jupiter returns to its own place and space in the world. Here, it is the space that gave birth to Jupiter, and that raised it in the land over which it is the supreme sovereign, whom all the inhabitants would look to for guidance, direction, and reflection of ways of being. Here, Jupiter is the guide and moral authority.

Jupiter’s qualities have long been observed, and it has been hailed as the king of the Gods in a number of traditions. Jupiter has been seen as a moderate planet, bringing balance where there has been a tendency toward extremes.

Jupiter has been hailed as the planet of wisdom, coming in the form of the priest, who is in the state of consciousness of knowing. This figure is connected to all that is, and transcends the typical ways of coming to know something through knowledge acquisition, or developing knowledge about something through knowledge creation using logical or sequential, observational, empirical, or factual, or implied modes of knowing or discovering.

Rather, Jupiter is attuned to all things across all time and space. Jupiter represents the mode of knowing in which one simply tunes in in an expansive state of awareness, and accesses the knowledge that is already there, and that has been eternally there.

Jupiter is known as the planet of wealth, prosperity, success, luck, fortune, and favor. Jupiter brings growth, positive development, in its wake. Where Jupiter is well tempered by the Sun or by Saturn, its bright and positive qualities bring life-bringing and positive expansion. Where Jupiter is rogue, or unchecked, or aided and abetted in blind exuberance, Jupiter signifies a taste for over-indulgence, showmanship, and negative forms of extravagance.

Consider that the planets are intelligences; beings that humans can dialogue and develop relationships with. As parts of unified consciousness we all share, planets are beings with whom we can develop relationships. Planetary intelligences have a long history of being called upon to confer certain influences into our lives.

Prayers for Boons from Jupiter

While Jupiter is in Sagittarius is a fortunate time to connect with this blessed planetary being.  Jupiter can be called on to:

  • Develop all aspects of one’s life to to their next phase of positive growth and evolution

  • Deepen devotion and dedication in life

  • Bring more causeless joy and uplifting fun into life

  • Broaden one’s experience in the world

  • Bring us closer to a deeper space of knowing that exists within us

  • Imbue us with aspiration toward positive growth and the faith and self-belief to achieve it

  • Bring moderation to our places of extremes

  • Bring benevolence to all areas of our being

  • Inspire us to behave with causeless benevolence toward ourselves and others

  • Expect and seek out positive unfoldings

  • See from a perspective that is vaster and clearer than the ones we might habitually or more typically occupy

  • Bring us abundance and prosperity materially

  • Bring us abundance and prosperity emotionally

  • Bless us with an auspicious home

  • Protect us against deception, scheming and trouble

  • Attune us with the wise intelligences in nature

  • Make us moderate in our pursuits and in our actions

  • Give us vitality and vigor, to give us honor and respect for our bodies and the bodies of others

  • Help us to overcome melancholy and sorrow in good time

  • Let us do our work rightly

  • Give us access to good help and beneficial resources

  • See our difficulties as learning experiences

  • Perceive the greater arc of life

  • Share in our prosperity

  • Take joy in the prosperity of others, which is a great boon

  • Let us share what we have been given in abundance

Jupiter’s Aspects While in Sagittarius

Jupiter in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces

January 13, at 14 degrees Sagittarius and Pisces

June 16, at 18 degrees Sagittarius and Pisces

September 21, at 17 degrees Sagittarius and Pisces

While Jupiter is in Sagittarius, it will make three squares to Neptune, that siren-song planet of illusion and otherworldly perception. Neptune spiritualizes life, diffuses and amplifies focus, sensitizes one’s energy field, and opens up perception. Neptune is also associated with escapism, addiction, and deception, in its negative or challenging expressions.

These planets make a tense square aspect, while Jupiter is in the sign of its rulership. At the epicenter of the moments when this planetary confluence is radiating most prominently increased imaginative flights of fancy, increased escapism via media or entertainment, greater faith and devotion, expansion within spiritual practice or sadhana may all be experienced.

Neptune’s influence can be confounding. Experiences of Neptune under Jupiter’s gaze can bring one closer to the infinite, and taking the facets of one’s experience on faith, without knowing exactly what one is experiencing, with the logical or Mercurial mind.

This aspect can illustrate an energy wave that influences an escape from the mundane or material world through spiritual flights of fancy, or through the denser experiences of addiction or substance abuse.

Luckily, there is a strong emphasis on a practical orientation to life, as shown by Saturn’s transit through Capricorn, and Jupiter’s handing off its influence on Neptune to Saturn, which will also be making three sextiles to Neptune over the course of the year. This looks like flights into the ethers that are then grounded in considerations that yield positive crystallizations of what was experienced in those realms.

Jupiter’s Phases

Every planet goes through its own series of phases, which are places in its cycle determined by its orientation to the Sun. Look at this like the phases of the Moon, and consider them moments of key developments in Jupiter’s cycle that can be witnessed in one’s life as well.

Jupiter cazimi (New Jupiter) – November 25, 2018

1st quarter square – March 13, 2019

Full Jupiter – June 10, 2019

3rd quarter square – September 8, 2019

Also consider that any time Mercury makes an aspect to Jupiter, it is effectively giving voice to this largest planet in our local solar system.

Jupiter’s Play in the Birth Chart

Jupiter’s transit through Sagittarius is blessing the area of the natal chart that contains Sagittarius, especially, but is also conferring its energy to the area of the chart that contains Pisces. Both of these areas of life are experiencing a glut, an inflow, an expansion, and growth in their significations. You may find that in these areas you have more than you need, and that the excess needs to be properly managed.

If Jupiter is transiting your:

Sun (Note the area of the chart containing Leo) – The entire life experiences the glow of Jupiter. Opportunities come that provide an avenue for personal growth. One benefits from caring for the body, dressing well (regally, even!), being seen, seeking rightful recognition.

Moon (Note the area of the chart containing Cancer) – Fertility is increased. Pregnancy is indicated. One may move to a larger home. One feels emotionally uplifted. The emotions are amplified and writ large.

Mercury (Note the area of the chart containing Virgo and Gemini)– Positive communications may come. One is thinking more expansively, on larger timelines. The mind is optimistic, daring, and creative. Writing is favored.

Venus (Note the area of the chart containing Taurus and Libra)– Benefits, opportunities, wealth, and growth via the agency of women. Making connections with others is favored. Creativity and the arts experience a glut. Watch for overindulgence!

Mars (Note the area of the chart containing Aries and Scorpio)– One feels stronger and more daring. Be careful not to overstrain the body in a show of brawn. A new more daring venture can be initiated. One of my favorite aspects!

Jupiter (Note the area of the chart containing Sagittarius and Pisces)– If by conjunction, Jupiter returns to its natal location. A new 12 year Jupiter cycle is initiated. Look back to late 2006 -2007, and backwards in 12 year increments to discern any pattern for your Jupiter returns. It may be a very positive time for some who are experiencing this! Otherwise, this is potentially a time of opportunity that requires cultivation.

Saturn (Note the area of the chart containing Capricorn and Aquarius)– One’s affairs are cloaked in positive overall perspective. The structures of one’s life are vehicles for sustained growth and development. A balance is struck between restriction and expansion.

1st house (Sagittarius) – The direction in which you take your life is blessed. You are being pushed to grow, take risks, fly, and be more you. Life is more fully fleshed out. Watch for overzealously pushing your strong personality on others. Otherwise, take big leaps, ask for more, believe you can.

2nd house (Scorpio) – Jupiter is encouraging you to generate more sources of income, ask for a raise, look for ways to earn more. There is virtue in gaining more prosperity.

3rd house (Libra) – Jupiter is blessing your communications. Siblings may go through a period of positive development. Reading and absorbing knowledge is blessed, as is sharing what you know or what you perceive. Short travels may increase in frequency. More may be packed into your day to day life. The mind is lifted beyond the trivial to the meaningful.

4th house (Virgo) – Home and family life is under Jupiter’s auspices. More time and quality experience is spent with family. The family grows and experiences upliftment. One may move to a different location, sell a home, re-decorate, live in a foreign country, or live nomadically for a time.

5th house (Leo) – Children may go through a phase of growth and development. Children may be a source of blessing and growth. Creativity is increased. A child may appear in one’s life. Financial speculation should be carefully handled, but may yield positive returns.

6th house (Cancer) – Health and fitness go through a phase of blessing. Day to day life may feel increasingly filled with ease. Deepening of daily spiritual practice or sadhana is favored. Growth and optimism as habits are favored. Moderation in all aspects of health are favored.

7th house (Gemini) – Benefits come through the agency of others. Partners may travel. Relationships flourish. Audience grows. One on one relationships help to develop and flesh out one’s own personality.

8th house (Taurus) – Partner’s income increases. Life-changing benefits come through the agency of others. You get paid bigly. Others are more forthcoming with financial exchange. Uplifting one’s inner psychology is blessed. Orientation toward financial life changes for the better.

9th house (Aries) – Travel increases. One’s devotion to spiritual life increases. Divination and astrology as modes of knowing are favored. Higher education is in one’s cards. Taking the higher view of life is easier.

10th house (Pisces) – Increased opportunities in career and vocation. Greater facets of one’s vocation in life are fleshed out. A new vista for shining in the world opens up. One realizes how much one has to share and give.

11th house (Aquarius) – One benefits through acquaintances and groups.

12th house (Capricorn) – Solitary contemplation is favored. Increased spiritual practice grows the field of one’s inner space. Doing service for others in confinement is beneficial. A period of deep contemplation.

Jupiter in Sagittarius Bewares:

  • Proselytizing

  • Being dogmatic

  • Rigidly holding on to one’s own idea of the truth

  • Not calculating risks

  • Not taking advantage of this phenomenal cosmic opportunity

  • Pushing too hard when you are getting signs to back off

  • Dwelling in negativity

Key actions for Jupiter in Sagittarius:

  • Meditate on Abundance

  • Adopt luck-generating habits

  • Be hopeful. Hope changes neurology. Hope changes the future.

  • Visualization changes the future

  • Travel to a new place.

  • Prioritize having experiences in life, out there in the world

  • Seek support from generous, big hearted people, who have made it.

    • They want to help. They will save you time. They have expertise. They want to share in the good fortune they have. Someone at some point likely gave them a lucky break, and they want to pass that on.

  • Jupiter funnels expansive energy to the Sagittarian ruled hips.

    • Open the hips. In yoga it is said the hips store a lot of emotion.

  • Read philosophy

Things to do While Jupiter in Sagittarius — Originally features on my instagram page. Follow me here!

* Dream Big, Smile at Others, Shun the Comfort Zone

You ever wonder why Sagittarians are thought of as lucky? Two reasons. First, Jupiter rules Sagittarius, and it is the planet of luck par excellence. It’s the beautiful big mama thank you for your supreme benevolence and yes I’ll have another scoop of ice cream on the side please planet. Jupiter is a crucial part of the ingredient list of any uplevel, and it is the planet that will jubilantly carry you to friendly shores.

The second reason why we might think of Sagittarians as luckier than the rest of us is one Jamie Miller of Pandora’s astrology framed beautifully: Sagittarians have luck-generating habits. They are social, gregarious, open and bright people who, more often than not, expect something good to come out of a situation, and confidently throw themselves into getting the thing that they want, fully believing they’ll get it. And they do it with a grin. And typically? They do get it.

And because the bountiful nature of Jupiter rests in the seat of their heart, the world vibrates there with them, so when they do get down on their luck, they’re never out of it for long.

Jupiter in Sagittarius would laud any toothy-smiled and well-intentioned attempt to expand in size and perspective, network and community, love and justice, because that’s how the best juice is juiced out of life.

* Be A Source of Happiness🌞

To Know Jupiter:

  • Be a place of refuge
  • Be a place of beauty
  • Be a place of usefulness
  • Be a place of upliftment
  • Be a place of knowledge
  • Be a place of joy
  • Be a place of good will
  • Be the cause of good
  • Be a place of wisdom
  • Be a place of yes
  • Be a place of more
  • Be a place of satisfaction
  • Be a place of contentment
  • Be a place of positivity
  • Be a place of tolerance
  • Be a place of humor
  • Be a place of cheer
  • Be a place of openness
  • Be a place of meaning
  • Be a place of light heart
  • Be a place of welcome
  • Be a place of affirmation
  • Be a place of generosity
  • Be a place of peace

* Get out in nature. Leave your phone at home. 🌲

One time I was standing against a tree at night with a friend who’d taken me to some woods that they knew really well. We were having a conversation and suddenly I felt this energy drape the crown of my head and settle into my conscious awareness. And the first thing I noticed was contrast. The fluid, sprawling, parallel, organic connective tissue that comprises the way that nature works, and the way that time and events unfold…. vs. the linear, logical, rational way that we (or I) are so conditioned to think that the world works. Do A then B and arrive at C result. Not so, the playful consciousness of the land was telling me. It was showing me something that felt much more nourishing, and that I knew in my gut was true.

Sagittarians have an association with prophecy. It may be the Jupiter rulership and upward reaching fire element combination that leads to that symbolism. And maybe this ability is compounded by the positive perceptions they have while out on another one of their nature jaunts. When I was out on mine at that place and time, that was the special thing that happened to me. Jupiter in Sagittarius is a cosmic encouragement to go out in nature and listen for what it has to say to you.

* Take Your Imagination Out For Regular Jogs

While Jupiter is in Sagittarius, it will make 3 squares to the relatively freshly minted planet of imagination and reverie, Neptune. One concept this pairing is associated with is using imagination to tap into opportunity. Regularly clearing the mind of its thought patterns and fixed beliefs creates space for new ideas to come in. Tapping into new-to-us possibilities comes from taking the time to feel into desired emotions, and to build worlds of experiences around those emotions.

I also recognize, and feel strongly the pull of earth element emphasis in the astrology over the lion’s share of 2019. So this says, couple practical, well known modes of action taking with putting yin modes of world-making to use, and observe the crystallization of one’s positive inner imaginings into outer form.

Do it from a place rooted in commitment self-love, self-acceptance, and positive anticipation, and Jupiter will want to dance with you. ✨🌌

* Tell a New Story 🌞

It’s so easy to get stuck on dwelling in the same story, fueled by the same beliefs. Especially if fixed signs feature prominently in the natal chart. Side note— fixed signs can be powerful. They consolidate power over time through their ability to stay the course.

However, this is a year to celebrate Jupiter. Folks who have Jupiter present in a big way in their chart are often gifted storytellers, or they have a propensity for it. If Sagittarius is present, they’ll often speak in koans and general truths they’ve picked up from vast experience.

Jupiter in Sag encourages identifying the stories that are no longer true, have no bright juice left in them, not bringing happiness, or simply don’t need to be true anymore, even if they may have been true at some point.

This Jupiter cycle encourages making like a mutable sign, and trying on a different story. Then acting from that place of fresh belief. And if it feels good, ride it for a while.

How are you experiencing Jupiter in Sagittarius? Let me know in the comments below!


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