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This reading is for those who want to understand and prepare for the 2018 Mars Retrograde cycle. Spanning May – November, the Mars retrograde cycle is a prominent feature of the astrology of 2018. This year, Mars spends an unusually long time in the sign of Aquarius. Being a planet of action and will, Mars vivifies the Aquarius house of the birth chart — and the parts of life it signifies.

Yet there are other parts of life over which Mars holds the reins, and these are likewise impacted by Mars’ retrograde cycle. This reading is a complete description of the ways Mars will make itself known in your life over the summer and fall, with suggested guidelines for how to recognize and flow with its distinct, undeniable energy.

This reading is a digital mp3 recording containing a full astrological discussion of the areas of life where Mars Retrograde is most prominent for you.  It is offered on a sliding scale of $50-$80 to broaden accessibility.

To order your reading, click the buy now button below to make your payment. Then, send an e-mail to atlasastrology[at]gmail[dot]com containing your name, your date of birth, place of birth, and time of birth. Write Mars Retrograde Reading in the subject line.

*Please note that I use the whole sign house system for astrology readings.

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