What is the nature of Uranus?

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Painting by Jose Pepe Piedra. Click to see more of his art. 

How can an understanding of the planet Uranus be approached?

Uranus can be understood in terms of:

  • How it manifests in an individual’s internal and external life, as correlated with its configuration in the birth chart

  • How it manifests in an individual’s internal and external life, as correlated with its movement in relationship to the birth chart (said another way: its transits to the birth chart)

  • How it manifests in global events, as correlated to its movements in the sky

Uranus’ influence can be discerned in two main ways. First, by its emergence in and impact on the human experience; the collection of data and observation of meaningful correlations when Uranus is present in a given chart or event provide information about Uranus’ character.

The second way Uranus’ influence can be discerned is via intuitive perception. It is likely that this intuition is built upon established meanings for Uranus, but it is possible that an intuitive perception can pierce to the heart of what Uranus is, free from understanding filtered through the sieve of human concepts.

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Some attributes that belong to Uranus:

  • Rebellion

Uranus energy can generate rebellion for its own sake, or the rebellion can be rooted in an ideology. That ideology could be one of non-conformity and the freedom that confers, or it could be one that has to do with freedom in a more abstract sense. Freedom from perceived or actual oppression can be a political ideal that pushes Uranus energy forward. Freedom from many kinds of restrictive structures can also be a Uranian motivation.

  • Speed

Uranus can accelerate the pace of events in one’s life. Its influence can speed the pace of one’s thinking and perception. Its lightning-like electrical quality can bring with it intuitive flashes of creative insight, that can then be slowed and crystallized into some form of physical expression and manifestation.

  • Liberation

Liberation is most often discussed as the unshackling from constrictive conditions. Liberation can also be understood spiritually. Beyond ultimate spiritual liberation, there are other mini-forms of liberation. Uranian liberation functions to open conduits of energy that allow more of the self to emerge.

  • Excitement

Uranus transits can produce a jittery feeling of excitement. This can come with the feeling of wanting more activity in one’s life. In the internet age it can also come with increased activity through the medium of the internet, but this is an optional expression. The energy flows through that route most easily because for many of us our phones and other technologies are constantly at our fingertips. But the feeling of excitement can, alternatively, express itself in terms of bringing more varied and new experience into one’s life.

  • Unexpected change

Restructuring that happens outside of oneself can impact the individual life on a number of levels, leading to an external change initially, which brings with it an unfoldment of an internal shift of personal attitude toward life, view of life, view of oneself and one’s place in life. This can manifest as the desire to live without structure or constrictive routine for some time.

  • Freshness and novelty

Uranus can bring expansive and exhilarating new experiences into one’s life that make the world seems eternally shining and new. This is one of the more beautiful expressions of Uranus’ flow of energy.

  • A new rhythm

Uranus is an arrhythmic planet. It impacts the physical body in such a way that a new difficulty sleeping may emerge. The typical routines of the body and life may be disrupted, bringing a need for a creative form of grounding that works with the Uranian impulse toward free expression.

Knowing when Uranus is going to be stimulated in one’s life allows for proactive planning to welcome the planet’s energy. In many cases, a change that has already been initiated will coincide with the official entrance of Uranus’ energy into one’s life. In other cases, the introduction of Uranus’ energy generates such a profound internal rumble that a need for change becomes a palpable experience. When faced directly, changes in life can be intentionally designed, however disruptive they may be. Sometimes, when this internal call to change is avoided, it can show up in a way that is sudden and shocking, imposing a change on the life from the outside.

Uranus can also be an ever-present force in one’s life when it is a part of the natal chart configuration. In this case the biography of one’s life illustrates Uranus’ unique expression. Knowing whether Uranus’ impact is fleeting or lasting can help a person or an astrologer devise creative ways to dance with Uranus’ rumble.

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