Painting by Marc Chagall. Photo by Wikimedia user Rokus Cornelis.

There are currently six planetary bodies in the sign of Capricorn. The Moon is dark. Tomorrow a new lunar cycle is initiated with a tremendous thrust of energy quietly emanating from a concentrated space of sky.

Incredible line up of planets in Capricorn. Mid January 2018.

This saturation of the sign Capricorn happens at a time when the awareness and output of people, plants and animals is naturally turning inward. The inchoate and pre-verbal are the fertile places.

So, here is a brief list of guidelines you might find useful. They may reflect your experience at the moment, you might use them as morsels of prescription, or you may find them useful as lampposts guiding a darkened moist earth path.

  • The astrology reflects a singular area of life is receiving great focus at this moment.

  • There may be a block, delay, judgement, slow progress, or a wait and see approach associated with this area.

  • The sky is reflecting that the topic of focus should receive deep, thorough, and sustained contemplation — nothing superficial or fleeting.

  • The foundational, structural architecture of some area of life may be up for renovation.

  • There may be an institutional or bureaucratic element at play that requires consideration and interplay.

  • Consider that humans are organic beings. No amount of technological instantaneity can change this simple, foundational fact. No amount of constant barrage of electronic feedback loops can change the fact that the human experience must participate with the organic processes associated with time.

  • Any unprocessed, repressed emotion is stored in the body and blocks the generous flow of life energy.

  • Maturity is a process that takes time.

  • Make sure you can be in it for the long haul.

  • Things that take time to develop often have the qualities of longevity, stability, and organization built in

  • Learning from others’ lessons and learning from the past are highly valuable modes of knowledge acquisition and contribute to living life well.

  • Experience is worth its weight in gold.

  • If you don’t know about something, go find out about it. Begin to explore it. Learn about it first hand.

  • Refinement is a process that requires deliberate cultivation.

  • The sky is suggesting that the long way is best. Doing it the right way is the right way.

  • Consider what is going to provide a solid foundation for the long run, rather than a superficial pleasure, a quick fix, a fleeting joy.

  • Right now is a moment of darkness. It is a time to turn the senses inward in order to feel and know

The New Moon in Capricorn takes place on January 16th at 26 degrees Capricorn. It initiates a broader cycle of regeneration that encourages us to stretch into something more satisfying than our lives at present.

The exact Jupiter sextile Pluto aspect at the time of the New Moon suggests being willing and able to wade through inner emotional muck to cleanse our bodies of remnants of behaviors, feelings of shame, guilt, failure.

The process and intention of clearing allows more and improved life force to flow in. Anticipate surprises. Expect to come upon something that sets you free.

Wishing you a wonderful cardinal New Moon!


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