Like the Moon, each of the seven classical planets can be tracked in terms of their relationship with the Sun. When the Moon is new, a new cycle of increasing light and energy begins. When the Moon is full, that cycle has reached its culmination, and the fruits of the cycle are more easily observed.

The planets bear a similar relationship to the Sun. Each planet’s experience of its new moon, first visibility in the sky, first quarter, full moon, trine, last quarter, has corresponding indications for life on earth.

In today’s sky both Saturn and Venus are very close to the Sun and not visible with the naked eye; combust in astrological parlance. The quality of the light of the planets is associated with the degree of the planet’s beneficence or maleficence and its ability to act.

Planets decreasing in light before they enter the heart of the Sun are said to be at the end of their cycle. The matters the planet represents are hidden, secret, obscured, and concealed.

These matters can also develop or unfold more quickly but potentially more chaotically and haphazardly, as planets pick up speed at this point in the cycle. The planet is said to be in the underworld, that hidden place, where it goes before its eventual rebirth to visibility.

Saturn represents the wisdom of age, older people, what takes time to develop, and corrosiveness in the form of criticism. While Saturn is in a state of combustion we might expect to see

  • The fullness of understanding coming from a mature point of view

  • The quick development of something that treated rightly would be given more time and thoughtfulness to unfold

  • An older, wise, or established person or structure, at the peak or end of their wisdom or maturity, possibly to the point of atrophy or carelessness

  • The realization that a situation has gone as far as it can go and a change is required

  • The development of something weighty happens hastily behind closed doors

On the personal level, Saturn combust may indicate that there is a significant and deep change that is happening internally first. The ground is being worked and tilled, and the necessary preparations for a shift are happening in a way that is more internal than external.

At this time people may be deeply examining what changes they are wanting to make, and the trend of changes are occurring. Align with this astrology by thinking deeply about how something might unfold on the timeframe of the foreseeable future. Be realistic, mature and as principled as possible about how it unfolds.

The degree of your participation is your choice – but remember that forces will always shape themselves around you, potentially influencing you, without your intentional participation.

Saturn will begin its new cycle on the Capricorn Solstice, December 21.

Relationships, arts, fashion and beauty are also looking ahead at a new cycle as Venus approaches the Sun. With Venus behind the light of the Sun for another 3 weeks or so, expect to see

  • Inflamed presentation of public figures of beauty or entertainment

  • A sense of completeness within an experience of relationship, pleasure or visible demonstration of beauty

  • Fuller comprehension of an artistic concept, mode, or direction, even as it falls into the background

  • A sense of fullness of knowledge in relationship that is leading to a change

  • Considerations happening behind the scenes

Love, beauty, giving and receiving are due for two flashpoints in the coming several weeks. First, an old Venus meets a new Saturn on December 25, suggesting that worth and value are scrutinized at this time. In earth sign Capricorn, the reality of a relationship or of a creative venture is clear at this time, and it becomes up to you to assess the road ahead, personal needs and wants, and decide what is the best route.

Next, Venus starts a powerful new cycle on January 8th. Clarity arrives again on this day, and this time a new beginning accompanies it.

Are you noticing Venus and Saturn in combustion? How is it showing up for you?


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