The Moon
Broeder Gheraerts Naturkunde, Utrecht 15th century

The Sun beams its rays directly on to Chiron retrograde, creating awareness of the shape of a physical, emotional, or spiritual misalignment. Retrograde planets are thought to be weakened in their expression. The functions they signify may be inhibited or made to move through a circuitous route to arrive at a version of themselves that is a bit askew from straightforward.

Chiron is the messenger that delivers data, representing an entity — person, event, situation —  that is wise, skilled, accomplished, devoted, advanced, or learned in their own right. It is likely they suffer from some ailment they have made serious attempts at curing or ameliorating themselves. The retrograde motion of Chiron shows that something is being re-visited, rather than emerging for the first time.

Tools and tactics to work toward re-alignment are available, and the planetary emphasis on Virgo shows that there are practical measures that can be taken to ameliorate the situation.

A somatic change accompanies an inner shift. Chiron and Neptune in Pisces indicate that a change on the level of the emotions must join forces with a physical re-calibration for fully immersive, substantial and ongoing healing to take place.

In the tune of the Virgo-Pisces axis, committing to an inner adjustment takes the form of constant mindful devotion, like tending to a lamp to keep the wick clean, the well fed with oil, and the lamp lit.

Currently there is a lot of emphasis on discerning Virgo, but Neptune across the sky is lording it over the cluster of planets that have gathered in the sign, mystifying things, making the situation slick, uncertain, foggy, tiring, difficult to ascertain. It’s the time for pushing the boundaries of imagination, and lingering in the (sometimes delicious) space of uncertainty, rather than yearning for something like hard and fast rules, solid dates and times, logical sequences or reliable projections. The time for these things will have its moments with the incoming astrological focus on earth signs, Capricorn, and Scorpio in the coming year.

While Mercury’s super-strength in Virgo does something to ward off the oil slick of Neptune with its focus on practical adjustments, and devotion to improvement for it’s own sake — it’s still a slippery situation that gently asks for yet nonetheless necessitates an element of surrender.

The New Moon in Virgo tomorrow does contain these elements, and the upcoming lunar cycle grows the seed that is planted in these days.



P.S. Enjoy this video in the chord of Neptune. Brand new from Bjork – The Gate

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