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New Moon in Aries March 27, 2017, 10:57 pm EST, 7 degrees 37 minutes Aries

There are several New Moons a year which are arguably better than the others if not simply exceptionally good in their own right. These would be New Moons that take place in the signs where the Moon has essential dignity in the zodiac, making it strong for accomplishing certain types of things or initiating certain kinds of activity and having planetary strength on-side for a successful outcome.

Humans are woven into the warp and weft of the tapestry of nature, and it is often the case that our affairs aptly align with planetary symbolism, and that we conduct activities that are resonant with the themes of the symbolism of each New Moon or other planetary events without willing it consciously. This is more often the case for some folks than for others, some people just happen to be naturally tuned in. Those who regularly take time for reflection and contemplation, meditation, or prayer can also find themselves more easily flowing with the tides of astrological symbolism. Sometimes we are just carried. But astrological symbolism is really just a way to access the rhythms of nature in a language that is available, and becomes discernible.

However, at times re-alignment with the natural flow becomes necessary. It is at that point it becomes especially helpful to pay attention to astrology. It is also helpful to pay attention to astrology when a successful outcome to an important endeavor is required, like a the commencement of a business, or a marriage. In the words of prolific Renaissance Astrologer Marsilio Ficino:

“Freedom of will is not repressed by the election of an excellent hour; rather, to scorn to elect an hour for the beginnings of great enterprises is not freedom but reckless choice.”

Back to the the several exceptionally good New Moons in every year. In sequential order they are:

The New Moon in Aries
The Sun is exalted in Aries.

The New Moon in Taurus
The Moon is exalted in Taurus.

The New Moon in Cancer
The Moon finds her home in Cancer.

There could potentially be other criteria that make a New Moon good. A bonified New Moon, or one in close aspect to the benefics, or just simply one that happens in the context of other potent and objectively good planetary alignments. Or one you make good.

The New Moon in Aries can reasonably be called the start of a year. It is the first New Moon after the Spring equinox, and it begins an energetic upcycle of the energy of new life and growth.

This lunation happens against the backdrop of the nearly exact Jupiter square Pluto alignment.

This is an intense and active beckoning forth from both of these planets to each of us – to change and to grow into more of ourselves. Pluto always brings a strong psychological component to its expression. It would be easy to psych yourself out, especially if you are being asked to do new things, step into bigger shoes, or do things differently. With awareness, psyching yourself out in favor of yourself would mean offering yourself all the reasons you need to become and express more of your essence.

Gaetano Previati

Jupiter retrograde in Libra points to a witnessing by others, which can be Venusian, supportive, restorative, extremely life giving, or it can be destructive, corrosive, banishing back into the darkness of familiarity. And it is likely both, and both polarities and experiences are likely required for the other to exist. The majority of us prefer ease and comfort through growth but the truth is it never happens that way. Change is hard gritty work and it’s the process that is often more rewarding than the end point or reward; caterpillars become goo on the way to being butterflies then their life span is 1-12 months; seeds hang out in the dark and musky dampness of the earth before busting out of their seed shells, what we cutely call “sprouting”.

With Venus retrograde near to New Moon, a message of this lunation is the birth of a new value system associated with:

  • The self and self-identity

  • The self in pursuit of desire/ yang and yin forms of this pursuit

  • Venus ruled topics of love, money, art, and pleasure

This still ongoing gestation of a new value system extends to the personal orientation carried around these topics. Consider the deep spiritual, non-flashy, non-gaudy, deeply inward, private and personal relationship to the parts of life that imbue you with a sense of value and what is valuable. While Venus remains retrograde and backs into a union with healer mentor centaur Chiron and receives a challenging square from Saturn, it is a great time to really pursue the depth of these questions inside your own soul. There will be answers and finding them will be like climbing along a welcoming mossy bouldered mountain, supported in your grip and finding your way in the dark by moonlight. Venus is exalted in Pisces. This is a particularly excellent moment to conduct this kind of inquiry.

Gaetano Previati

An enduring image of Aries remains with me. I learned it from tarot instructor Dusty White, whom I encountered for the first time the last time Venus was retrograde in Aries in 2009, when I started on my path in astrology. Dusty’s idea is associated with the Ace of Wands. Their idea was, the Ace of Wands is coming into existence from the Nothing, simply by proclaiming I Am.

This highly cardinal New Moon moment is a time of forward movement. Forward movement in itself is the constant chisel that is shaping limestone into something defined. The constant activity of Aries is unyielding non-languishing that creates and continually re-creates itself in the present moment, letting no idea of past or future in weigh it down. This is the constant challenge which Aries rises to meet. It is in the constant creation that the self is born. This is your invitation at this New Moon. You have everything you need.

With Love,

p.s. I will be holding workshops in April on the upcoming season of planetary retrogrades. If you would like to attend or make sure to get information as it released get on the mailing list to be notified!



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