New Moon Solar Eclipse at 8 degrees Pisces 12 at 9:58 AM EST February 26, 2017.

I was reading this article about the upcoming eclipse and it felt so strange to me to read facts about the eclipse divorced from its impact on humans.  Aside of course from the wonder of witnessing a solar eclipse! The closest the article got to summoning Pisces is conjuring music at the opening of the article, and that’s not Piscean enough for a solar eclipse on Neptune, and the last one in Pisces for a while! So allow me to remedy this with some good, hearty astrology.

The New Moon in Pisces is a Solar Eclipse. It is a south node solar eclipse, a place where energy exits, or is in the metaphorical spirit of exiting, winnowing away, lessening. Eclipses add energy to the new and full moons, so that they carry much more force and amplifying their usual power. New and Full Moons are punctuations in the monthly lunar cycle and they should be honored as moments in time and parts of nature. They provide pause and their energy can be harnessed for human workings, honored as a reflections of earthly energies, or admired as moving visual spectacles.

The energetic combination at the time of the eclipse is very dispersive. Pisces is mutable with the ability to be many places at once, and Neptune spreads out like a fog.


New Moons are times of beginnings, and this New Moon configuration lends itself to releasing old emotional attitudes, inner beliefs of doubt and lack in self confidence. On a global level, it has been a sad time for seafaring refugees seeking to escape via smuggler ships by means of the Mediterranean. One hopes that the South Node’s exit from Pisces brings relief to those who need it.

The Sun conjunct Neptune in Pisces is a potent image at this New Moon. It is a perfect time to begin any project that is infused with charged intent. It is a glorious time for using images in vision boarding with intention, or using any physical means – sight, sense, taste, touch, smell, to influence the psyche and environment. It is an excellent time to cleanse oneself of unwanted influences and to respect the boundaries one needs to erect as we are all extra sensitive at this time.


The Sun conjunct Neptune in Pisces also describes a kind of identity. This can be a great figure who is deeply compassionate. Alternatively, a great magician who is in tune with worlds that are besides and beyond the most immediate material one. A master of sleight of hand, whose morals are flexible, and motives not as linear and so not as detectible, discernible or comprehensible. A master of deception. A master of seduction.  A master of imagination.

The planets in this configuration can be siren like, pulling in energy as quietly and irresistible as the tide.

The moment introduces an intoxicating substance directly into the bloodstream. The forces of this moment carry a passion that has the ability to overwhelm the more rational faculties, passion that simply keeps rolling on.

Drawn in by the pull of a siren call sounding now — a divine rage, a divine hunger, the courtship of power, channeling lust, overwhelming emotion, consuming desire — there is the ability to either lose oneself in multi-sensory stimulation or become possessed by a god or some divine being or some longing.

An accompanying signature of this moment is the pivot of Venus in Aries, gathering momentum for her journey to darkness where physically, she will no longer be visible in the night sky, and metaphorically she is traveling to the underworld. She is radiating those magnified rays now. By the time her 40 day journey is complete, she will be reborn as a morning star.


This particular once every 18 month journey augurs a reclamation, reconsideration, obliteration, conflagration, leading to an amalgamation of something new created and something old sacrificed, culminating again in Pisces, a love and lesson earned. It is a story that begins with honoring the Self and ends in finding integration.

The story develops inevitably toward its second pivot in Pisces. The skies in mid April place Saturn over Venus, responsibility over love, working through duty to approach desire, respect over whimsy, the urge to cut away and the urge to join in one’s lot with others, and how much harder it is to unify than it is to separate and erect boundaries. How much more work the compassion of opening is than the work of closing, to pursue passion than not to, or to pursue the right passion and how sometimes even definitions need breathing room for change and growth and unpredictabilities.


An eclipse in Pisces is dispersive like mushroom spores. Intentions and energetic signatures shoot into the air and find their way to intended directions across the earth in the mathematically perfect order. It is fertile in that way, and as a New Moon it counsels the beginning of a new journey of pollinating many different places with the most productive of our seed.

Pisces natives too often feel alien and other. But in Pisces’ otherness there is something revolutionary. It is dressed with the will to embody fully what one is and be with oneself through one’s changes from moment to mood to sensate ingestion. In Pisces’ radical and intoxicating boundary-lessness there is the potential for all encompassing boundless compassion for all the shades of suffering in the world.

Pisces energy is so often polychromatic, found more fully through  experiencing itself in the emotional dimensions of others. But there is a wholeness in Pisces. This sign’s devotion points to integration and its gentle demand from us it when it constellates in the sky is nothing less than integrity. And that is integration — the work toward wholeness; what this sign feels intuitively and what it picks up as as alien is in the fragmentation present in daily life itself.

Let this New Moon be a moment of newly emboldened love of self, conscientious use of magnetic power, supplemented with a touch of earthy decisiveness and staying power to support an elemental balance in the skies.

With love,


All images by Leon Bakst.

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