Art by Alison George.

The Moon is in Sagittarius. It is now co-present (and I mean that term differently than the old-timey astrologers sense), with Saturn in the same sign, looming over there somewhere around 20-21 degrees (talking with all KINDS of other bodies in the sky).

Before the Moon reaches Saturn though, it dangles in the balance between the nodal axis, which has Mars on the south node end of it right now.

It’s a precious, precarious moment – of looking back, and looking ahead. Not only because it’s the end of an eventful, wrenching for many (joyful for many!) year, but also because the Moon is squaring the nodal axis, which always has a past and future flavor to it, and which are tricky, fateful, highly potent points – something agreed upon from Vedic astrology to numerous forms of Western astrology.

This is a transit of a few hours, namely the next few, communicating visceral emotion about a pursuit from the past, and how that informs a more prudent path forward. In this moment, Mars inches closer to a conjunction with Neptune swelling tides of action, making the winding path forward fueled by sensitivity, emotion, perhaps compassion. It is multiplicitous, its message can be seen in many iterations. With Mars-Neptune, watch for slipping into a kaleidoscope of tangential intentions. Those may be the ones that are supposed to get your attention.

If you’re looking for grounding, the Sun is in Capricorn (happy Solstice), with Mercury and Pluto, and there is plenty of it.

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