Today Mercury is Cazimi in a superior conjunction with the Sun.
The cazimi condition is when any planet is close enough to the Sun as to be within 17’ (minutes, or arc minutes) of the Sun. This is close enough out from under the beams of the Sun – 17 degrees away, and closer still than being combust – within 8 degrees of the Sun.
As Mercury gets closer to the Sun there is an overwhelming increase and flurry of activity. This was compounded by the uber eclipse in Libra, exact this morning around 8 AM eastern time.
The superior conjunction — Mercury on the other side of the Sun — and inferior conjunction — Mercury nearer to the Earth so that the Sun is the farthest planet out — arrive with different qualities. A teaching attributed to Demetra George states that Mercury at the Superior conjunction can be like a moment of integration in the midst of intense mental activity.
To me it feels like crystal clarity and the ability to push forward on that clarity with energized expression.
This is a key moment to integrate all that has transpired within the first quarter of the year. This may happen quite effortlessly if the space is cultivated for it. Keep pen and paper handy.
Mercury’s cazimi is also a moment where support arrives, when important communications transpire, and when valuable and revelatory insights come in a flash. With the Sun and Mercury’s trine to Mars, there can be a boldness, confidence, and daring in communication, which is extended far outward — symbolized by the superior conjunction. Negotiations or conversations unfold with ease and the heart of the matter is arrived at and settled very quickly.
Mercury will remain in cazimi until about midnight Eastern time today, March 23.
image is a photo of painting by Jacques Hérold, La Recontre (the encounter), 1936. Photo is by Pedro Ribeiro Simões on Flickr.

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