Chiron / Chiron in Pisces / Contemplation / Scorpio

Mars trine Chiron : Willful Creation/Healing of Fractured Visionary Reality


We create from what we can imagine. We are living right now inside the imaginings of people whose mental illness makes them believe they are superior to other human beings. This video is part of the resistance, the new imaginings that we use to pull ourselves towards liberation.

~ Adrienne Maree Brown, Beyonce’s Visionary Fiction: Formation

Chiron has this quality of exposing the raw flesh of a sealed off wound to the open air. In this way the pain is at the surface and more easily addressed. It aches while it is in process. The key here seems to be conscious engagement with what needs mending. Then Chiron in Pisces stitches wide-open-flesh back together artfully.

This year’s Mars Retrograde is marked by three flowing contacts to Chiron. Mars and Chiron are interacting, with each in its own mysterious and complex water sign, as all the water signs are.

Astrologically, we notice that Mars transits often have an early onset. Even though Mars has a two year orbit around the zodiac/ecliptic, Mars’ association with Aries seems to apply the quality of speed to his transits, so that they are often felt, experienced, observed, or witnessed, well before they are exact or within orb.

In Pisces, Chiron also brings a subtle and sideways or roundabout blessing. With Chiron near the South Node now, there is some mystic web operating behind or before the scenes, to aid in releasing a dependency (and that might hurt), releasing a sense of victimization (and we might be righteous about that identity).

As Mars approaches a trine to Chiron a number of illustrations are indicated.

Mars in Scorpio can be vengeful, vindictive, and cruel. With a long memory and a sense of righteousness that won’t quit. In one expression Mars in Scorpio can strike directly into the heart of the glowing mound of pain, the psychological tic, with great accuracy and a very strong poison.

The trine between these bodies in the latter water signs, especially Scorpio, suggests an osmosis effect on the attack. In a certain sense, there may be winners and there may be losers, but the party on the offensive has their own attack strategy mirrored back at them, now or later, consciously or subconsciously, immediately or over the slow passage of time. So watch where you aim that thing. Even and especially the thoughts and emotions between you and yourself.

On another level, Mars in Scorpio is in possession of an incredible force of will. This is willpower. This quality of focused and relentless will is why consumption of adderal among college kids triples in the week before final exams. A consistent meditation practice aimed at improving concentration for sustained amounts of time has the same effect, without introducing amphetamines into the bloodstream and weaving into the karma of big pharma. Plus, there are many ways to meditate. Something for everyone.

So, by this force of will, Chiron in Pisces qualities find expression.

By the power of your will you can choose to recognize the love you have all around you.
By the power of your will you can choose to recognize your pain as a great being, and send it love.
By the power of your will you can choose to heal cruelty and resentment.
By the power of your will you can accept the process of grief and mourning.
By the power of your will you can choose prayer, quietness, divinity, wholeness.
By the power of your will you can make the choice to choose love.
By the power of your will you can recognize that you create your experience as you make choices.
By the power of your will you can choose the leaders you want to believe in.
By the power of your will you can make a visceral decision to lead yourself to what’s best for you.
By the power of your will you can choose self love over and over and over again.
By the power of your will you can take responsibility for your own pain.
By the power of your will you can choose to use your will.
By the power of your will you can give what you think is missing from your life.

Wishing you a creative New Moon cycle,

* The idea of pain as a great being is inspired by a channeled message from Marguerite Rigoglioso
* The idea of giving what is missing is inspired by Derek Rydall

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