Heinrich Leutemann. The Oracle of Delphi Entranced

Today the Moon is in Virgo, applying an opposition to Neptune. This Moon in the earth sign of Virgo is in harmonious aspect — the sextile — to the numerous planets which are in Cancer. While the past few days may have felt emotionally grating, today’s Moon provides a welcome balm to the emotional atmosphere.

What the Virgo Moon adds is earth and mutability to the planetary weather. There is now a container for the vast inner, silent, slippery, tumultuous emotional landscapes we have been traversing, as well as the ability to adapt to the immediate environment, whether that is what is happening within or what is happening outside the body.

A possible way to work with this energy is to use the next few days to diligently plow through any necessary work that needs to be done. There is much productive energy to be seized. There will be an instinct to want to sort, file, and organize your home, your emotions, your work, and your vision for your life.

This Moon is happening in the context of a longer term influence — the applying Jupiter-Saturn square. Jupiter and Saturn can be likened to the bridge between the minor and the major arcana in the tarot. The major arcana are akin to gods, daemones, or impersonal forces of influence setting broader forces in motion. Those would be comparable to the outer planets Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. The Moon, a fleeting influence, is like the minor arcana, which show the ability and character of practical human tasks that help the gods carry out their influence over the life.

As the bridge planets, Jupiter and Saturn are those forces with which we must grapple, happily or otherwise, and which we can use our human will to work with. An opportunity can be seized. A limitation can be deepened, shaped, worked with. There remains a sense of personal agency with these two planets. What they are wanting now, as their influence intensifies through the first week of August, is for a model (Leo) of the structure of transformation you have made. If you have integrated your Saturn in Scorpio lesson, from 2012-2014, now is the time to show it.

And one final note. In the ancient tradition of augury, Delphic Oracle et al., the idea concerning knowing the future was this. One did not simply go to the oracle to ask the gods if a certain outcome would come to pass. People went to the gods to give an offering with the intention of knowing if their decision to initiate an action would be blessed by the will of the gods. This sets up a situation in which you participate in crafting your fate. Add that to your tea, let it steep, make a decision, keep the gods about you, read the signs, and take action. : )

Wishing you well, and may the gods be with you.

With so much love,

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