The Three Fates by Paul Thumann
The Three Fates by Paul Thumann

The Moon is in Cancer, where she is ruler. She is now in her final moments of waning, dark in the sky, pulling energy away from the earth as her light retreats, and as well pulling energy from us — this is why it’s difficult to find your get up and go when the Moon is in her darkest phase. Cancer is the sign of woman, home, family,  the connective nutritive substance that is capable of sustaining generations.

As Pluto is dominating the skies now, and as the watery depths of Cancer are so prominent, let’s sink into these two themes

Pluto is associated with the idea of fate. Fate is that inescapable, inconquerable circuit of life that leads us to events we can say are pre-ordained, fated, meant to happen. When these events occur, we remember that Pluto represents that which compels us toward a confrontation with the depths of soul.

There is a curious link between Cancer as representing women, through the sign’s association by the Moon, and the notion that in mythology, the Fates always have a feminine face. This puts what is carried in the blood through generations of women, or the depth of the feminine at the fore now. Pluto transcends the physical body, transcends culture and conditioning, but Cancer puts us right back into the world of form. We are reminded that there isn’t a human alive who has incarnated without coming through woman.

Meanwhile, Mercury moves closer to Mars, to meet in perfection at the time of the New Moon. Mercury, planet representing the mind, is changeable, taking on the qualities of whatever planet he meets with in the sky. When Mercury meets with Mars, he will take on a quality of increased vigour in his capacities to perceive sensitively. In Cancer, Mercury is capable of contemplating the depths of the soul. This is the process of actively cognizing that which is transformational, if disturbing, as nutritive.

Mercury’s aspect to Mars and Pluto signifies in part that we now we need to consciously grapple with a difficult part of life. Pluto’s retrograde motion answering to Saturn retrograde in Scorpio indicates that there is a deep (deep!) subsurface restructuring that wants to come through now. This is also reflected in the perfecting Jupiter-Saturn square.

In very harsh and difficult terms, this might mean death, fierce ego battles, confrontations with the darkness in ourselves and others.

In easier terms, and since you are reading this you have the ability to be aware of these tools and wield them to the benefit of your soul, you can slice through dross to effect radical transformation. Even if this process occurs within the reaches of your own inner space. Especially if that happens within the reaches of your own inner space, because we know from the darkness of the womb and from the down-ness of water and Cancer, that the darkness is fertile. Growth, if imperceptible, happens there. But I don’t want to perpetuate cultural infatuation with unrelenting growth. So let’s focus on the dark moon as a time of culling.

There is light. Sun has just completed a trine to Chiron, meaning that this new moon lunation has been precipitated by some type of healing connection. Jupiter remains in bright Leo.

The Moon in trine to Neptune over the course of the next few hours means there is a sense of the mystic and maybe even a blurring and softening of the harshness of the unrelenting Pluto demands.

Venus separates from Saturn, bringing up the qualities of love in form, deeply held values, work rewarded, meeting limitations in love and money, the hard working feminine, creative capacities demonstrated, artistic inclinations, and so on.

The New Moon happens on July 15, 2015 at 9:24 PM Eastern Daylight Time.

Be well.

With love,

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