Photo by Nani Puspasari
Photo by Nani Puspasari

Mars has been in his sign of rulership for the past month or so. Beyond Aries is the softer slower terrain of Taurus, and now our hero Mars enters those pastoral fields on March 31 for a stay until May 11.

Mars is considered in his detriment in Taurus, meaning Mars is not able to express as strongly the Mars qualities of aggression, acquisition, conquest, energy, sex.

A look at the symbolism of Taurus and Mars will reveal how Mars expresses when in Venus’ territory.

Taurus is a fixed earth sign. It contains the qualities of persistence, follow through, and a stick-to-it quality that is worth remembering the next time you think a those long eyelashes are harboring an empty gaze. Taurus takes their time but they know that everything they put their hands on, and as a sensual earth sign they must put their hands on everything, will be high quality, delightfully beautifying, and so solidly mesmerizing so as to captivate the person on the receiving end of their energy.

Photo by Flickr user Boemski
Photo by Flickr user Boemski

Mars in Taurus then, expresses its assertiveness in taking action that produces concrete results.  Mars in Taurus has an affinity with hard work and physical labor, because these qualities will create security which in turn brings about the ability to live a life surrounded by beauty.

The action Mars takes is relentless, long lasting, repetitious, and produces sizable and respectable accomplishments despite (and perhaps because of) their taking a long time to become manifest.

Mars in Taurus is the kind of Mars whose physical presence you can’t help but to notice when they are around you. The energetic field that extends out from them is expressive of their sheer physicality. Being near to a person with this placement would create cause to be aware of their physical presence, which then makes you aware of your own physical presence. With this placement, the felt sense of being embodied is a motivating factor for creating action.

As Mars traverses through Taurus for the next month or so, we have the ability to break new ground in the direction of our choice, to accomplish our goals with steadfast persistence, and to produce beautiful things with our commitment to expressing our sensuality physically, and perhaps artistically.  This transit is asking to be enjoyed.

Take good care.

image 1: Self Portrait Art Making by Nani Puspasari
image 2: My Python by Boemski

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