Photo by Alexandre Normand
Photo by Alexandre Normand

Moon is in Gemini applying to square Neptune, Sun is in Aries, and Saturn is in Sagittarius, attention spans are tenuous, non existent, transcending this mortal shit, rushed, etc, so I will make this quick.

This is a quick ass kicking note to tell you that your life, the one you have right now, is your responsibility. A quick note to let you know that you are incarnated on to the earth for a blip on the radar, 70, 80, 90 years MAX. MAXIMUM. Today, right now and immediately, is the time to love yourself enough to ask yourself what you want, and give it to yourself.

My belief and approach to life is that we’re all here to express the full spectrum of our unique human existence. You have a seed message inside of you that has always been there and that ACHES AND YEARNS to be expressed through you. There is no one else it was given to. As a matter of fact, there is no one else at all like you. Comparing yourself with others is a majorly futile activity, except for refinement, and only in the context of self love. Self love, by the way, is the most important quality you could possibly cultivate. All worlds begin simmer, brew, and are born of self love. And that doesn’t mean you can’t kick your own ass. You kick your ass because you love yourself and you are aware that there is something inside of you rushing at the seams that keep you bound together so tightly. Dear readers, let yourselves burst. Let everything inside you fantastically explode into a splattered nova of precious gleaming minerals, let it cover everything you come in contact with, let your world always reflect the purest you. Do it now. Do not wait. There is no time to wait. I urge you to do begin knowing yourself and moving toward your most authentic self and life immediately. What feelings do you want to feel? What experiences do you want to have?  What do you want to do to people? What do you want to share with people you love? How do you want your days to be organized? Think fiercely about these things, constantly, obsessively. Imagine your life as you want it to be, and make it that way. There is a practical way to bring your vision into fruition — believe that. And when you do it, you feel fantastic, and everyone in your world benefits.

I think the next place to go from there is to do the tough and necessary work of making sure our world does not fall to tatters. Recently I watched a video interview of Mirabai Devi by Rick Archer. In it she says the world and humanity is suffering gravely, and we are pushing dangerously against our own survival. Shit is going down. Our earth is abused, many of our politicians are power hungry bepedestaled prostitutes, our food and water are compromised, we are exhausted, we are disillusioned, it is difficult to find the energy to care. But Mirabai says, she says, people, she says, she thinks humanity makes it. I think that vision is worth holding on to. That vision is worth working toward, because the earth is a beautiful place, and being human is a beautiful thing. Even though being disincarnate is lots easier, we all chose to be here, and we need to love ourselves and each other enough to do the work to turn this ship around. Suffering is real, it exists, we all suffer deeply, and the ability to be with ourselves through our suffering deepens us enough to be able to be with others through their suffering, and by extension to be with the world through its myriad forms of unacceptable injustices.

There you have it. My quick and dirty Gem-Pisces, Aries Sag, rant from the hip & the heart.

Love yourself. Love your people. Love the world. Do the work. We need people who are willing to do the Saturn thing and put in the effort to make this thing work. All of it, any of it, will only happen with your involvement. Take it up. Find something, one or two things that grab you by the collar of your soul and don’t release you, and give yourself to that thing. Make it count.
Lots of Love,

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image: Excitement by Alexandre Normand

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