While the Moon is in the home stretch of Capricorn,  the Sun in Pisces, and Saturn newly retrograde, here is a an analysis of Saturn’s dispositorship in Edgar Allan Poe’s chart.

poeE.A. Poe is high on my list of favorite people. Is it because he was depressive? Melancholy? Completely blown about life? Poetic? Sensual? Mad? Prolific?  Expansive despite being sullen?  Yes!  But let’s settle in to the mood of macabre Poe, our dear one. So tortured, so dark, so deathly consumed by his own numerous expressions of genius.

E.A. Poe has a rich chart that has emphasis on Saturn, Neptune, and Uranus. Almost everything in this chart is touched by Saturn. The stellium in Pisces is squared by Saturn. As dispositor of the Sun, Saturn is in an out of sign sextile with the Sun-Mercury conjunct in Capricorn, reinforcing that Saturnian thrust. Finally, Saturn is conjunct Neptune. So what we have is vision that reaches into the soul of existence, saturated mystical bricks which build a wall of enthusiasm that appears intimidatingly solid one moment and fails to be there the next; there is a fantastic imagination  presented in a piercing countenance. Someone who goes on elaborates their inner world at length.

Astro Databank Chart Rodden Rating ‘C’


Stop to note here that Saturn is full laborious consciousness — toiling over every individual step, there is no stone left unturned. Though with Saturn conjunct Neptune in Poe’s chart, when the stone is turned, it appears that for some reason that effort was seemingly futile, the stone disappears, or taken up under unclear circumstances, so that laser clarity of Saturn is diffused.

Capricorn Sun in the third house is an earthy container for all that water. To feel vitally alive, to fulfill his sense of purpose, the life process of Poe becoming Poe requires that he produce a structure that communicates his numberless inner experiences; multi-faceted (conjuring gemstones), fathomless instinctual perceptions of the world (stellium surrounding the Moon, Uranus trine).

We now observe the condition of the Sun’s dispositor, Saturn.

It is in the first house. Therefore the expressions of the Sun and Mercury in Capricorn are funneled into the first house and are shaped by the qualities of the Saturn in Sagittarius conjunct Neptune. So the urge to communicate is embodied in Poe, it is his most visible approach to his environment. The way he presents and expresses Self is to broadcast tales that almost chaotically pull / lull us away from the reality we occupy and intoxicate us into unity with the innumerable worlds inside him, worlds he forged for us to inhabit, through the vessel of his body. Dark and depressive, he is a writer of distinguished caliber, an engulfing genius, a remarkable conversationist. His writings compel us to be in touch with our own undertow. His was a siren song that soothed us into the romantic destination of our human infinitudes.

Edgar Allan Poe Poem The Conqueror Worm by Noel (died 1925)
Illustration for Edgar Allan Poe Poem The Conqueror Worm by Noel via Wikimedia Commons




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