Photo by Kyle Szegedi Mercury rules over cars, transportation, communication...
Photo by Kyle Szegedi
Mercury rules over cars, transportation, communication…

 “A truth once seen, even by a single mind, always ends by imposing itself on the totality of human consciousness.”
Jesuit priest Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

After an extended stint in Aquarius, Mercury finally plunges into the soothing waters of Pisces tonight for the first time in 4+ weeks.

To see it off, let’s take a stroll through a great many of the things the 11th house has rulership over in natal astrology:

* Friends
* Friendship
* The community
* The resources earned from the 10th house (This is a derivative houses concept)
* From Deborah Houlding’s Skyscript: supporters, benefactors, positive hope, trust,  praise, comfort, goals and ambitions
* Hopes, wishes,  dreams
* From Shawn Nygaard’s presentation on the houses: alliances, groups, wishes, organizations, kindred spirits, soul companions

The “meaty, archetypal kernel”, as Sasportas puts it, of the 11th house, is identification with something larger than the self. That is, “Syntropy – the tendency of life-energy to move towards greater association, communication, co-operation and awareness” (from the The Twelve Houses by Howard Sasportas)

There are nearly infinite permutations of how the 11th house can express in life. These depend on the sign on the cusp, the planets in the house, the tendencies and emphases described in the chart, and the will of the native. That last one really throws a wrench in the works of predictability. ; ) However, astrology is a remarkably reliable system, and that makes it possible to state, with a solid degree of certainty, the potentialities of how a person could experience a particular segment of their chart.

While the 11th house has an essential framework of meaning that is shared in every chart, the sign on the cusp of that house can flesh out a story influences the narrative, or storyline of the experience we have of the area of life that house signifies. Scorpio on the 11th house cusp might show friends who are occultists or depth psychologists, or interested in some broad program of deeply healing people in crisis. Libra on the 11th house cusp might show involvement with a group of sommeliers, art critics, dinner party groups, lawyers, peacebuilders. Gemini on the 11th might show a group of linguists, language learners, mash-up DJs. Cancer on the 11th house might show clannish groups, interested in the preserving the security of aboriginal peoples.  Pisces on the cusp of the 11th expects to be met with compassion in their friend groups. The variations are as numerous as humans are complex.

We filter what is happening outside through the subjective lens of the sign(s) or planet(s) in a house. -Howard Sasportas

The sign on the 11th house cusp can show qualities we disown and meet externally through friends. For instance, with Aries on the cusp of the 11th house, if we have neglected our Mars, we may meet aggressive friends or groups of people.

If Mars, the ruler of Aries, is in a fire sign like Sagittarius or Leo, our friends might be assertive, outgoing, and philosophical. If we choose not to embody those qualities for whatever reason, we might find our friends spouting assertive philosophies. Or, generously displaying their ideals on podiums in front of a group of protesters, while we look on in desire to be philosophizing or leading a group ourselves.

This ability to give descriptive language to possible projection mechanisms is a uniquely useful quality of astrology. Astrology is an ancient, meticuously crafted system that, with the help of the mysterious arrangement of qualities beaming at us from the cosmos, has been refined over the ages through the gross matter of so many human brains.

Sayonara, Aqua Mercury. We will remember your Sato-Uranian tricks fondly. Until the next time round.


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