The Sun, light giver, is in Pisces, nestled between Neptune and Chiron, while the fast moving Moon is void in Leo. There are many bodies in fire, fueling the Sun in its Neptunian expression. To be careful not to let the fire evaporate the water, we have to make sure that we are allowing space for Pisces to do what it does, which is sink deeper into deeper layers of ocean to feel, without needing to externalize the process happening internally, the way fire would.

The cluster of planets in Aries in the light of the Sun in Pisces suggests warring for the freedom to be able to express one’s sensitivity, without threat. As it stands, the two luminaries occupying Pisces and Leo is an incredibly romantic and creative situation. Give yourself enough space to privately express the full flourish of your color and if you’re feeling it, share that creative warmth with others. The Moon is waxing to full, a good time to see and be seen.

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