Moon Void & Ingress Times for Feb 9 – Feb 15th, 2015

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The Moon is Void of Course when it makes its last major aspect to any of the major planetary bodies. That’s the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. The traditional counsel is to avoid beginning new activities, sending out job applications or other important documents, meeting new people, launching a new project, starting a new venture, making an important announcement, anything you want to be of consequence.

Activities you’d want to do during the VOC Moon are: yoga, meditation, dreaming imagining and drifting, re-organizing, getting a bird’s eye view of things, draining the swamp, clean and tidy up, process, recoup and regroup.

Though much of this traditional counsel has borne out in my personal experience, I actively encourage experimentation. The VOC Moon only begins with the last major aspect the Moon makes to any of the outer or inner planets. That means no dwarf planets or asteroids are taken into consideration, nor are inconjuncts, semi-sextiles, or other minor angular aspects. Try conducting a tradtionally unrecommended activity for a VOC Moon period when the Moon is VOC and note what happens. We are standing alongside thousands of years of observation, but that doesn’t preclude exploration and new frontiers, especially considering the singularly profound precipice we are occupying in the history of the earth.

And with that, here are the Void of Course Moon times for the week of Monday February 9th, 2015, to Sunday February 15, 2015.

Monday February 9th:
Moon void at 20˚34’ Libra with a trine to the Sun

San Francisco:        3:58 AM
Washington DC:      6:58 AM
Casablanca:            11:58 PM
Gaza                          1:28 PM
Calcutta                    5:58 PM
Hong Kong              7:58 PM
Sydney                     10:58 PM

Tuesday February 10th:
Moon in Scorpio:

San Francisco          11:05 PM  on Monday the 9th
Washington DC        2:05 AM
Casablanca               7:05 AM
Gaza                           9:05 AM
Calcutta                     12:35 PM
Hong Kong               3:05 PM
Sydney                      6:05 PM

Thursday February 12th:
Moon void at 23˚59’ Scorpio with a trine to Mars

San Francisco          9:32 PM   on Wednesday the 11th
Washington DC       12:32 AM
Casablanca               5:32 AM
Gaza                           7:32 AM
Calcutta                    11:02 AM
Hong Kong                1:32 PM
Sydney                      4:32 PM

Moon enters Sagittarius

San Francisco          8:46 AM
Washington DC       11:46 AM
Casablanca               4:46 PM
Gaza                          6:46 PM
Calcutta                   10:16 PM
Hong Kong              12:46 AM   on Friday the 13th
Sydney                     3:46 AM     on Friday the 13th

Saturday February 14th:
Moon void at 25˚51’ Sag square Mars

San Francisco           7:15 AM
Washington DC        10:15 AM
Casablanca               3:15 PM
Gaza                           5:15 PM
Calcutta                     8:45 PM
Hong Kong               11:15 PM
Sydney                      2:15 AM       on Sunday the 15th

Saturday February 14th
Moon in Capricorn

San Francisco          3:24 PM
Washington DC       5:24 PM
Casablanca              10:24 PM
Gaza                          12:24 AM on Sunday the 15th
Calcutta                     3:54 AM on Sunday the 15th
Hong Kong               6:24 AM on Sunday the 15th
Sydney                      9:24 AM on Sunday the 15th


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image: William Blake, Sconfitta, Wikimedia Commons

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