The Moon enters Leo today and applies an opposition to the Venus Mercury conjunction in Aquarius, a good time to consider Leo-Aquarius axis, or 5th-11th house opposition.

Leo is the fearless and shining leader. Leo is warm, courageous, supportive, heartening, artistic, proud, to name some positive (not a value statement) expressions. Spend some length of time around a Leo and you’ll sense the dignity and pride emanating from them, even if these qualities are there quietly.

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When a person has a natal opposition between Leo and Aquarius, a possible expression of this opposition is to be the champion of a cause.

When the Leo-Aquarius axis is emphasized, this person knows when to step out of the way to let the process of the cause play out. They know when to be the roaring leader and when that might require stepping away from the group or cause in order to continue to lead.

Alternatively, a person with this opposition might disappear into the folds of the group in order to let someone else shine, or take the stand as leader.

Do you have the Leo Aquarius axis prominent in your chart? How does it express itself in your life?

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