Introduction to the Signs of the Zodiac


This class explores the symbolism of the twelve signs of the zodiac from modern and traditional perspectives. We will learn about the spectrum of expressions of each sign, and some remedial suggestions will be offered for enhancing positive experiences of the signs, and mitigating challenging experiences of the sign. This class will also cover the three modalities – cardinal, fixed, and mutable, and the four elements –  fire, earth, air, water. There will also be a discussion group that will be held either via google groups, Facebook, or another site, where discussion can be continued outside of class.

By the end of this class you will understand the elements and modalities, and be able to describe the main qualities of each sign of the zodiac.

Classes: Four, 90 minute classes
Cost: $80
Classes will be held on Zoom
All classes will be recorded and recordings will be sent to participants.

This class will be scheduled once 4 people express that they wish to take the class. If you are certain you would like to sign up, consider bringing a friend to join you!

This class currently needs 2 people to be scheduled!

Class will most likely be held on Thursday nights at 6pm Eastern time or Saturday or Sunday afternoons Eastern time. Please note your time preference when filling out the form below.  I would like to start in mid-late May.

To express your interest in signing up, fill out the form below with a brief note of interest and your time preference. Once four people express interest I will send everyone a PayPal invoice.