Introduction to Astrology Series at The Lemon Collective


This is an introductory course to astrology with a focus on learning to read natal charts. This class will cover the signs, planets, and architecture of the birth chart. Appropriate for beginners and intermediate beginners, this series will provide a foundation for beginning to learn astrology and learning your way around a natal chart.

This course is best for:

  • People who have some background knowledge in astrology from interest or studying independently

  • People who have no background knowledge of astrology

  • People who want access to a teacher

  • People who enjoy group learning

  • People who have questions about astrology

  • People who benefit from a structured learning environment

  • People who want to learn foundational basics of reading a birth chart

  • People who want to learn to read their own charts and those of friends, family, or clients

  • People who may wish to pursue further, deeper studies in astrology in the future

By the end of this course you will be able to:

* Describe the architecture of a birth chart
* Express the archetypes and psychological characteristics of the 12 signs
* Recognize the glyphs of the planets and zodiac signs
* Understand and be able to give introductory descriptions of the 3 most important parts of the chart

This class is appropriate for complete beginners and beginners who know some astrology and want to develop their interest. Each class includes a live lesson and accompanied hand-outs you can print out and tuck into a notebook or folder. There will be opportunities for active participation in class that will help you to develop skills in recognizing and interpreting astrological symbolism.

We will meet on four Sundays from 4pm-6pm: June 18, June 25, July 2, July 9

Class 1:

  • What is astrology?

  • Practices to bring astrology into your life

  • Introduction to the birth chart

  • Introduction to the planets

Class 2:

  • The planets continued

  • Introduction to the signs — myths, archetypes, psychological characteristics

  • Chart examples, famous and noteworthy instances of the signs

Class 3:

  • The signs continued

  • Synthesis and interpretation of the planets in signs

  • Planets in houses – introduction to the dwelling places of planets in the chart

Class 4:

  • Houses of the chart continued

  • Planet, sign, house synthesis; chart practice and demonstration

  • 3 most important parts of the chart

  • Student practice

Cost: $120

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