Astrology Journal


Astrology Journal & Moon Log


My vision for this project was to evoke the feeling of a real journal with notes, sketches & diagrams, and a glossary inside its pages. Then, I wanted it to serve the purpose of stimulating and activating the spirit of astrology from within the person who is working with it, by hands on contact. Astrology is a sacred art and science and it responds best to the sincere curiosity, if not full on devotion and commitment of the seeker / practitioner. It is with all this in mind that I made the Astrology Journal & Moon Log — to keep you present with the planets, signs, geometries, and symbols, day in and day out.  I made this so that you can reap the benefits of living this art on a daily basis while developing a solid personal foundation with the craft, based in being in frequent touch with its shapes and language, meanings and contours.

The Astrology Journal and Moon Log is designed to help you:

  • Connect with yourself daily
  • Ride the rhythms of astrology
  • Go on astrological adventures (!)
  • Immerse yourself in a symbolic language that describes your daily environment
  • Slow down
  • Discover your relationship to the planets, and their relationship to you

What’s Inside

  • PDF copy
  • 48 pages
  • 7000+ words
  • 78 Astrological Exercises
  • 13 Journal Questions
  • An introduction to the Planets, Signs, Houses, and Moon’s Phases
  • A Moon Log to fill out & reflect on daily

Bonus: Near daily astrology delineated for October 2016-March 2017




You will receive an e-mail with your copy within 10 hours of purchase. Please make sure you check all e-mail folders. If you do not receive it e-mail me at atlasastrology [at] gmail [dot] com.