I am Ichrak and I’m an astrologer and writer in Maryland, USA. I graduated from the University of Maryland with a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy. I adored studying philosophy and it informs so much of my life to this day, even and especially with respect to astrology. So, luckily, I was self assured or hard headed enough to not fall into the “what are you going to do with THAT?” higher ed liberal humanities trope.

After several years away from academic life, I am back at UMD to study English and Rhetoric, the better to write for you, my dear.

In 2009 I was guided to the path of astrology during some stellar astrological alignments in my natal chart. I think that whatever larger forces we exist in and part of were trying to get me to turn my attention to this field of life for some time, but I couldn’t hear them, until I was made to hear them.

At that time I started voraciously consuming all astrological material I could get my hands on. Then from 2013-2017 I studied astrology formally under Adam Elenbaas at the Nightlight Astrology School. I’ve also had the pleasure of taking classes with and studying materials from a number of other astrologers and astrological sources. I count all of life as a study in astrology, though, once you’re looking at things that way.

From 2012 I studied business under Leonie Dawson, Naomi Dunford and others.

In August 2014, Atlas Astrology was born.

Today, I ask a lot of questions and do a lot of thinking about what it means to be a small business owner in corporate America and the corporate world by extension. It means a lot to me to explore these questions in meaningful ways.

Let me tell you a bit about what astrology means to me, as a practicing astrologer. Astrology to me is a mode of understanding the world. Knowing the language of astrology is like wearing X-Ray glasses at all times. It has helped me to develop into a more mindful, patient, and reflective person. It has helped me to be more understanding and empathetic in all my relationships. It has guided me to prepare for the cycles and narrative arcs of my life.  It has helped me to become more of myself, and to become more accepting of exactly what I am.

Reality is clearer; understanding what is happening in terms of astrology makes the often chaotic world a lot more orderly and systematic. I feel surer walking among the world with astrology as a part of my toolkit for being a good human.

As part of my work as an astrologer I teach classes, tutor students one on one, give astrology readings as desired and work with people for extended periods of time, and hold workshops. I also make podcasts and publish my writing on this website and on others. I have written horoscopes for the Los Angeles Review of Books, been quoted in Bustle, and most recently appeared on the Little Red Tarot Blog.

My approach to astrology is an eclectic mix of the modern psychological approach, with a dash of archetypal, mythical, and evolutionary to spice the large helping of the traditional framework within which I chiefly operate.

The astrology I practice is a located astrology — meaning I use the experiences of which my whole life and identity are comprised to shape astrology as my craft, as well as my work with clients. I also understand that clients arrive at my virtual doorstep coming from a variety of backgrounds and experiences, and I do my best to be sensitive to and create space for that reality.

If you would like to be in touch or keep in touch with me, I invite you to either e-mail me at atlasastrology@gmail.com, or to sign up for my regular newsletter by clicking this link. Thanks for being here. See you out there.