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About Ichrak Dahou

Ichrak Dahou is an astrologer, writer, and yogi. She writes on astrological topics, creates astrological products, and reads birth charts for people who want to use astrology for self inquiry, self knowledge, and healing.

Ichrak has studied astrology since 2009, and studied under Adam Elenbaas from 2013-2016. She holds a degree in Philosophy from the University of Maryland College Park.

Atlas Astrology was born late in the summer of 2014. Ichrak has published over 100 articles on this site, a Year Ahead Guidebook in 2016, and an article in Infinity Astrology Magazine.

About Atlas Astrology 

“As soon as the heart moves toward something, there is no distance”
~Geoffrey Cornelius

Astrology is a tool that can be used to peer behind the veil of physical reality. Astrology can be used to understand the past and enhance the future.  I practice astrology to describe what would otherwise be undefined and invisible forces in one’s life and environment. The big picture view of the cycles of time astrology describes can bring great relief and a deep sense of okayness to a person’s life – in addition to providing tools to meet one’s life with strength,positivity, and forbearance.

The writing on this site is built on the foundation of my years of astrological study. I often take a lyrical and exploratory approach to my astrology writing. Everything in my environment is inspiration, from astrological sources themselves, to my background in philosophy, what is happening in the and my world, to the spiritual text, book of poetry, or essayist I am reading at the moment, to, and this is the most fun, the intuitions that speed into my consciousness as I am thinking (or not thinking) about an astrological riddle.

Come see how astrology can improve your life!

I am available for one on one consultations. If you have an initial consultation and you want more, I offer a discount on packages of follow up consultations. I also offer astrology tutoring on an hourly, 6, and 12 month basis. I am always happy to work with new clients – visit this page to book your reading today.

I can be contacted at atlasastrology [at] gmail [dot] com

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