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This is a short and sweet blog post with a tip about transits. I was reviewing charts over the weekend and I noticed (again) that when a planet, especially a slower moving one like Saturn or Pluto makes a transit to the MC, it will simultaneously be making a transit to the IC as well. 

And the same is the case for the reverse! If a slow moving planet is making a transit to the IC, the MC will be receiving a transit as well!

The conjunctions and the hard transits, i.e., the square and oppositions are ones to watch especially. They are very likely to correlate or produce events that are quite noticeable in the embodied three dimensional world.  (But the worlds of thought and emotion are also valid and significant — and just as likely to correspond to a planetary transit.)

Planets like Saturn, Uranus, Pluto, Neptune, even Mars making transits to the MC will correlate to events having to do with career, public image, and potentially one’s mom. The simultaneous transit of these planets to the IC means there is likely also action happening in the life arenas of home and family, property, and potentially one’s dad. 

For those of you who track your transits – this is something you may want to pay attention to. I think that the double nature of transits to these points can be easily missed simply because the IC does not show up by default on a lot of astrological chart generation tools or software. So watch for this transit coming up in your chart or friends’ charts and be sure to note that if one point is having a transit so to is the other, at the exact same time.

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