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Stories from the Annual Profections Files


To promote my Annual Profections class taking place online on December 29th, I have been creating material that showcases the technique in action. I’ve posted some bits of the technique on Instagram, and copied them here for my blog audience. If you’re interested in learning the technique, it’d be my pleasure to show you how to work with it! The class is two hours long and your registration includes a pdf of the slides as well as the recording of the class, and the chance to ask all the questions you want. We might even do some volunteer charts if we’re into it. Click here to sign up! 

Pt. 1 — Forecasting with Annual Profections in Action

In 1967, Ursula Le Guin was approached by a book publisher who asked her to write a fiction book for young children, and let her take it from there.

She had been writing for over a decade before she sold anything, but in 1968 the first novel in the Earthsea series was published to much critical acclaim.

A Wizard From Earthsea was published within a month after Le Guin’s birthday that year, in November 1968. It was the first of her books to receive widespread critical attention.

The year that this book was published, her profected ascendant reached the Cancer-contained third house of writing, communication, and expression. Ruled by Le Guin’s writerly Gemini Moon, conjunct magnanimous Jupiter, this profected ascendant year would have stood out to her astrologer as one that could have produced cash flow from her writerly pursuits — or at least one that prominently featured the craft of writing she had been developing over the previous decade. Le Guin was also having Jupiter transit the sign of her Sun that year, and a Saturn square to her midheaven — a defining set of transits for career and vocation.

Want to learn more about Le Guin’s chart, and the analysis process of using Annual Profections for forecasting? Join my class on this technique, taking place December 29th

Pt. 2 — (More) Stories From the Annual Profections Files

This one is about writer and philosopher Simone de Beauvoir.

Simone de Beauvoir had a significant life long relationship with philosopher Jean Paul Sartre which lasted 51 years, and importantly shaped both of their lives. They read each other’s work, wrote together, pushed each other into new explorations, and kept up a non conventional relationship for the duration of those 51 years.

When de Beauvoir met Sartre in 1929, she was in a Mercury-ruled, 10th house year, a year focused on writing, intellectualizing, and communicating, with a parallel focus on career and vocation.

It was this year that Simone de Beauvoir took the notoriously difficult French national exam to qualify to teach in the public education system. She ranked second — behind Sartre. She was the youngest person to ever pass the exam. She went on to teach at the high school level beginning that year.

This was also the year that she would formally meet Sartre — at a study session — and begin that lifelong partnership. De Beauvoir’s Mercury rules her Gemini 7th house of partnership and activated the significations of this house.

And what about Jean Paul Sartre? We would expect him to have a notable profection year as well, since both the relationship and the year of 1929 were equally important for him.

For the answer to that question you will have to join me in my annual profections class taking place on Dec. 29!

Click here to register! 

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