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Full Moon in Leo 2016: I Am Not The Robot; The Robot Is Not Me



Moon, Avatar, Robot Heart by Peretz Partensky

The Full Moon in Leo takes place on January 23, 2016 at 8:45 PM EST.

This lunation features the Sun in Aquarius at three degrees at the opposite point in the sky from the Moon, illuminating it fully, at three degrees of the sign Leo. If you go out at sundown on the day of the Full Moon, the opposition is reflected in the Sun and the Moon standing directly across from each other in the sky.

There are three main highlights of this full Moon, and all three have a sustained theme over 2016.

Both the Sun and Moon square Mars, creating a T-square in sky. Mars is in Scorpio, and this hot fiery planet is said to be in its rulership or domicile in the sign of Scorpio. This Mars position concurrent with Mercury conjunct Pluto makes this lunation particularly prone to psychologizing about motivations, thinking that is tinted with resentment, or thinking about what is behind what is being said. This combination can easily turn into a drama around the themes of manipulation, backdoor deals, hidden motivations, and power plays. Mercury’s retrograde position brings back people and situations from the past, particularly in the sign of Capricorn, ruled by time-lord Saturn.

You might choose to conduct self inquiry or enter a state of contemplation rather than engaging in a drama under this Full Moon. If you have a charge around whatever is emerging for you now, consider approaching yourself with compassion as you explore that, while at the same time standing in your own power and directing unfolding circumstances in a way that is highest and best for you.

Mars remains in Scorpio for much of this year because this is the year he does his retrograde dance. The themes arising now are ones we will be working with in one form or another for some time to come.

All signs for this Full Moon point back to Saturn. Saturn is the ruler of the Sun in Aquarius, and the Sun in Aquarius is the ruler of the Moon in Leo.

This is an occasion to remember that the Saturn-Neptune square is the umbrella story under which all else occurs this year. This square makes reality, moldable, permeable, impressionable — meaning that if you press your finger into it, it will leave a mark.  What you press into reality could be a thought, a belief, an intention, a consistently repeated action, a strong emotional desire. There is so much porousness about reality this year. There is much to be raised to transcendent heights if we can work through Neptune’s illusions.

Remember that in mythology, Gods weren’t all good or all bad. Neptune might give us the gift of union, bliss, and transcendence but something must be exchanged or experienced to arrive at that state. With Neptune, that might be swimming deep in dark waters, where unusual sounds emerge from untrackable places from creatures whose forms would shock and surprise you were you to see them, who come up to you in the deep, close enough for you can see the infinity reflected through their eyes.

8474116660_b9cb981709_zAnd then you wake up and realize it was a dream and you’re back in the world of solid form, everything is as you left it, but you are changed in a way that is difficult to place.

Neptune is revealing how reality is multiplicitous and connected. In a sense, what happens in the Neptune area of your chart at this time, is happening across multiple platforms of reality. Another way to say that is what is happening in one situation in the Neptune area of your chart, is informing similar situations in other areas of your life. If that sounds trippy to you it’s because it is trippy. But the knowledge of it can assist you in making more intentional decisions both in the area of your chart where Neptune is transiting, and the area of your chart where Saturn is transiting.

The other thing about water is that water seeps through everything. There is really nothing that can stop or resist water. It is most of the composition of the primordial goo from which we emerged. Thus another message of Saturn square Neptune is reality is permeable in a way that makes all knowledge available, if you have the ability to tune in. Most of the time you have to ask for the information you want, but it seems that now is a time when the information you need is more likely to arrive uninvited.

Mercury conjoins Pluto at this Full Moon, and this Mercury is the ruler of Jupiter conjunct the North Node. Mercury is moving very slowly, in reverse. For us here on earth, this means that thinking and communications are languid, lingering, deliberate and contemplative. We may be especially obsessed or obsessive, thinking deeply or focusedly, on topics of money, death, sex, reputation, filth, power, wealth, regeneration, or transformation from one state to another state.

As the ruler of Jupiter, Mercury is giving us occasion for thoroughly considering bigger and brighter outcomes in this mutable year of transition. Jupiter in Virgo always indicates the virtue of dedicated practice. A beloved Yoga teacher said recently in class, “The Sun Salutation series, like anything, become magical when you do them thousands of times”, and so it is, with anything you love. Jupiter is currently moving retrograde in the sky with the North Node, a conjunction in effect through July 2016.

Not all beginnings of the year are made the same. 2016’s January arrived with a Mercury retrograde. The time for jumping into resolutions is after you have done your big visioning, your surrender to a higher power, your strategic planning, getting the help you need, promising to hold yourself accountable to the changes you wish to effect. That is what January 2016 has been about. Yet all of 2016 is about transition, from one state to another. So ask yourself what your end game is, and remind yourself often. Mercury-Pluto in Capricorn remembers several times daily, and then does something about it just as often. What change is so important to you that you can commit that wholeheartedly to it?

Wishing you so much love,


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image 2: Flickr user Sean McMenemy; CC 2.0
image 3: Flickr user Moyan Brenn; CC 2.0

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