William Bouguereau, oil on canvas, 1890
William Bouguereau, oil on canvas, 1890

The challenge at the Pluto point is to let go of our panic at the possibility of loss, and to allow the force of change to sweep over us. To abandon the defense mechanisms that have kept us safe and to accept necessary change even to the extent that we may seem to be annihilated by it.

~Stan Riddle

The Sun in Libra is within orb of a closing square to Pluto today. Pluto is a deep force with a strong, invisible undertow. It is considered the domain of the soul.

When the Sun makes any aspect to Pluto it throws light on Pluto themes. As Cardinal signs, Capricorn and Libra have a qualitative initiatory thrust. Your Cap friend or Libra friend are most likely to get the ball rolling on something.

For today’s Sun square Pluto, the themes we’re dealing with are Capricorn flavored and Libra flavored.

Pluto in Capricorn brings awareness of the dark underbelly of institutional authority. We look underneath the rock and notice the creepy crawlies of shame regarding material restriction, hidden power dynamics in relationships, and the low roar harbored within that comes out when there is someone standing across from you —  mimicking the 180 opposition aspect, the aspect Libra invokes, being the 7th sign of 12.

Pluto is about what is untouchable. Something that is considered so sacred, so profane, so painful, so unapproachable, and at any rate so sensitive or taboo, that there is not even a platform for it to be openly discussed.

This is why Pluto’s realm is the underworld, this mimics the tendency to keep powerful forces buried, precisely because there doesn’t seem to be a platform for such topics to be adequately addressed. There doesn’t seem to be a socially sanctioned container that can hold such force. Adequately means thoroughly and objectively. Adequately also means with compassion, because the material that Pluto dredges up is tender, sensitive, traumatic. So we do well to handle ourselves and others with care, while at the same time cutting through bullshit, in a high bullshit era.

Pluto’s dispositor— the planet it is answering to or ruled by until 2018, is Saturn in Sagittarius. Saturn in Sagittarius is pushing forward Pluto’s agenda. It’s coloring the way Pluto is expressing in the collective and personal spheres.

This configuration is about the stories we tell, privately — and especially publicly. Especially the stories that are widely broadcast.

Since Pluto covers unabashed, unrelenting, #reallyreallyreal reform (transformation, if you like), the message here is about noticing the stories we are hearing and noticing the stories we tell ourselves. What is the language we use? How do we define our terms? Do we even have terms and language to describe our experience?

A very basic foundational idea in any field is to make sure you define your terms. Change cannot happen without everyone being on the same page about what something means. If you don’t define terms and agree on them, you set yourself up to talk way past the person you’re negotiating with or coming to an agreement with, or simply trying to understand.

If there is a dominant, mainstream set of terms that many people reference when discussing an issue, do those terms represent the actual reality of things? In today’s world, it’s far more likely that we need to put in the effort of taking a look at our experiences, and the world, put our heads together, and come up with new terms that reflect a reality that is hidden. It’s far more likely that there is a broad swath of stories that are untold, underrepresented, actively oppressed, incapable of coming into the light of day without a major intervention or wide scale social change.

Libra time is agreement time. It’s about negotiating, it’s about justice, it’s about understanding the other side, and representing that side (or many other sides) when you are coming to some kind of decision. Especially legally, especially institutionally. Especially in matters of the heart.

With love,

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