Yes. This is a really freakin weird video. I happen to love the song. Of course as soon as I saw this video I did some astro seeking and found that Drake & iLoveMakkonen released this video on the 20th, two days ago, three days before an eclipse in Scorpio conjunct Venus (and on Drake’s Sun), while Venus and the Sun (then in Libra) are traveling together in the sky.

The dude Makkonen Sheran is hard to get birth info on, but some of the details of his life are public, so we can look at the chart, see what fits. The one website with his birth date on it leads to a Sun-Jupiter conjunct in Gemini (big talk), Venus in Cancer trine Pluto and opposite a stellium in Capricorn, Moon in Libra… meaning he is channeling straight woo into his artistic style. An artistic style which is richly intuitive and keeps the rhythm of his teeming aesthetic.

He went to cosmetology school, which is where he gets the heads, which he held on to, and later painted the faces himself.

And since Drake is an occultist, I’m not surprised about the release date of this video. Just kidding. In the mood to make outrageous claims since, Sun-Jupiter in Gemini.

And in spirit of iLoveMakonnen’s Moon in Libra let’s have a little balance of opinion on the fb comments on this Mic article.

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